Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1567 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1567 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Zachary said, “You don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself. Nana told you that, but the handover will be at least a few years later. Even the smartest and greatest missus in charge will take a few years to fully take over everything.

“Look at the account books when you have time so you can learn where the properties are and what businesses are in operation. You can take your time with the rest.”

Serenity nodded and responded, “That’s what Mom said. She said I’ll be able to take over after two or three years.”

“It’s thanks to the missus in charge every term that the number of stores and properties grew. If the money earned isn’t fully spent, it can be used to repurchase stores and houses, or it can also be invested in other financial products. In any case, money is used to generate more money.”

Serenity replied, “I’m still under a lot of pressure after hearing what you said. I dare not say that I have an eye for investment.”

“It’s not difficult. You just need to purchase a few stores. As long as the location is good and it has the potential to be developed, you can buy it. We can also buy properties with money out of our pockets. Unlike other families, we won’t stop women from investing or doing business.”

In other rich families, women mostly stayed at home. They were not allowed to put themselves out there and run businesses.

To those families, having their women running businesses outside was a symbol of their incompetence

The Yorks did not have such rules.

It might seem like Tania and her two sisters-in-law rarely showed themselves in public, but in fact, they were involved in any profitable industry.

Among the Yorks, Rowan was still a minor and was the only one who only had a few properties under his name. He bought them using the money he saved from his allowance every year. Rowan was ahead of his peers. After all, many people struggled for a lifetime only to buy one house.

Apart from Rowan, everyone else in the Yorks had considerable private businesses.

Not to mention Zachary-he had numerous big and small companies that belonged to him alone.

Serenity smiled and noted, “I’m currently not investing in anything except for the vegetable farm, which I simply followed Elisa. I also have to learn more-I can’t become the worst head missus in your family.”

Zachary replied to her dotingly, “You have me. As long as I’m here, I won’t let you become the worst head missus in our family. I told you that I’ll transfer all my properties to you so you can manage them, but you refused.

“How about you start by helping to manage our private properties as a couple?”

“Do we have a lot of private properties?”

“Not really.”

Serenity could not believe his words.

His definition of “not really” could be shocking.

Zachary led Serenity into a summer house and sat in front of a wooden table.

Serenity could not help but lean her head on his shoulder. “Babe, only now do I feel like I’m blending into

your family.”

This was because her in-laws started to arrange for her to take over the internal family businesses.

Zachary embraced her and said, “It was my bad for hiding my identity in the beginning as I didn’t dare let you know all this. You wanted a divorce when you found out who I am… Now that things are good, I’m afraid to let you discover so quickly that you have a heavy burden, afraid that you’d want to leave again.

“Seren, in our family, goods can’t be returned once sold. You have to tolerate me for life whether I’m good or bad.”

Serenity was amused by him.

“You’re handsome and rich, and yet you’re afraid of being returned? Even if you’re returned a hundred times, many ladies will still line up to marry you.”

“I don’t want anyone else except you.”

Zachary immediately expressed himself.

He only wanted Serenity.

In relationships, he was unfeeling and would not be easily moved. Once he was moved, he would not easily change his mind.

Thinking of being unfeeling, Julian came to Zachary’s mind.

“Seren, do you still remember what Julian said about his hypoactive sexual desire disorder?”

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