Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1575 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1575 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Mrs. Stone said to Clive, “If you’re going to talk to Remy, talk to him before it’s too late. Don’t let the two of them fall deeply in love. In particular, your sister still feels uncomfortable when she thinks about Zachary now. Don’t think that I don’t know.”

It was just that Zachary became her niece’s husband, so she could not say more.

Therefore, Zachary would not come to visit the Stones unless he had to. He would only come for Serenity.

Clive said, “Mom, Elisa has let go of Zachary. She’s calm when she faces him now.”

Following that, he added, “Mom, was it an accident that you sprained your foot? What’s going on with Andrew? Were you trying to create an opportunity for him and Elisa? Andrew is Zachary’s cousin. Even if the Readings keep a low profile, they’re related to the Yorks by marriage. That’s a hard fact.”

Mrs. Stone choked and looked at the door to make sure her daughter would not come in. She responded, “There aren’t many families in Wiltspoon that are well-matched with us. Andrew is Zachary’s cousin, but they’re of the same age. He’s only a few months younger than Zachary, but he’s mature, calm, and gentle. “Andrew and Remy are the same type of person. Since Elisa can get along well with Remy, she can definitely get along with Andrew. She and Zachary didn’t really have a past since he never liked her nor promised her anything.

“Andrew must be aware of all this. As long as he likes Elisa, I think it’ll be good for them to get together. As long as it’ll stop her and Remy from getting together.”

Mrs. Stone looked at the door again and lowered her voice much more as she continued, “I’m going to do another screening to see which other families have young and handsome guys who are suitable for Elisa. I’ll arrange for a few more people to pursue her even if it’s an act.

“It’ll be best if we can stop Remy and Elisa from getting together. Even if she accepts him in the end and wants to be with him, he’ll be pressured and nervous if he has a few love rivals. In that case, Remy will treasure Elisa more in the future.”

Clive was speechless.

He had thought that his mom was overpraising Andrew just now. Sure enough, it was something she set up to prevent Elisa from getting married far away. Andrew and Elisa were dragged into the plan.

“Keep this to yourselves and don’t let Elisa know.”

Mrs. Stone reminded her son and daughter-in-law.

“Elisa is my only daughter, and I love her the most. I can’t bear to see her getting married somewhere far away.”

Mrs. Stone sighed again after she finished.

Remy was an excellent man whom she admired.

Unfortunately, he was from Annenburg. If Elisa married him, she would be going far away.

Mrs. Stone was reluctant for that to happen!

She could only be a bad person for once.

Elisa did not know her mom’s sprained foot was a plot she made to create an opportunity for Andrew and her to meet.

After sending Remy out of the villa, Elisa did not go back inside right away. She accompanied him to the

big villa that was still under renovation.

“Remy, don’t take what my mom said to heart.”

It was Elisa’s first time seeing her mom being unfriendly toward Remy. Her mom even asked him to leave.

Elisa recalled her mom treating Remy nicely in the past.

Remy smiled gently and said, “I forgot what she said earlier. Her sprained foot must be painful, so it’s normal for her to be in a bad mood.

Elisa stopped and looked at him.

Remy looked at her as well.

“Remy, my mom might’ve found out about your feelings for me. She probably doesn’t like us getting together.”

Elisa was not dumb. Her mom was not always enthusiastic toward Remy, but she would never ask him to leave as she did today.

Elisa’s mom probably acted like that because she either found out or noticed that Remy confessed to Elisa. However, since Remy was from Annenburg, Elisa’s mom was unwilling to let her get married far away. She started to be hostile toward Remy and wanted to stop him and Elisa from getting together.

Elisa had not even made up her mind.

Remy said after a moment of silence, “I know your mom doesn’t like that my home is too far away, but I’ll work hard so that she’ll accept me. Elisa, sweet words are useless. The only way to prove that my feelings for you are genuine is to let the facts speak for themselves.”

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