Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1597 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1597 | [Serenity & Zachary]


Callum’s gaze on her red lips was getting more passionate.

Camryn could not see, but she could feel the changes in him.

His voice became raspier when he called her name.

He was thinking of taking advantage of her again,

Upon realizing that, Camryn quickly stepped back.

She had the huge bouquet of money flowers the bully forcefully gave her. She moved further backward hastily, and she knocked into a flower pot.

When Camryn was about to fall, a pair of strong, huge hands rescued her.

Callum quickly encircled her waist and pulled her back into his embrace.

It felt good when his empty arms surrounded a soft, warm body.

Upon regaining her composure. Camryn started resisting. She exclaimed softly, “Let me go, Callum.”

There were still employees in her store.

The two store assistants and two bodyguards were all watching the street. They did not see what Mr. York had done.

“I was saving you, not taking advantage of you,” Callum whispered in Camryn’s ears.

He could not resist pecking her cheek too.

He chuckled when he felt her shudder.

It turned out that she was quite sensitive.

After discovering her sensitive spot, he knew how to tease her.

“Callum York!”

Camryn was very sensitive. She could not help but tremble after being pecked.

“Thank me.”

Camryn went silent and finally gave in. She raised her head and faced him with a sincere expression. Her red lips moved. She said, “Thank you for saving me, Callum.”

Callum’s name had never sounded so pleasant as it did at that moment.

His bones felt like they were going soft when his name escaped Camryn’s lips.

Unfortunately, they were at her flower shop. He could not do more wicked things.

“Just one sentence?”

Camryn was about to go crazy. What else did he want?

“Treat me to a meal.”


After a moment of speechlessness, Camryn said, “Okay. I’ll treat you to a meal. We’ll eat in my store. I’ll cook for you.”

“You can cook?”


Camryn would let him see that she, a blind person, could not prepare a hearty, nutritious meal filled with love for her significant other like other women.

“You don’t have to cook since you have bad eyesight, I’m more than happy if you get food delivered and have it with me, but I don’t want you cooking. I’m scared you might cut or scald yourself when cutting or cooking something. If you want to eat at home, I’ll cook.”

Camryn was speechless.

How did the York family raise a man like that?

The Yorks were rich. They were the wealthiest family in Wiltspoon, but every man in the family knew how to cook and could adapt well. They did not have the arrogance usually associated with wealthy sons.

Old Mrs. York was probably laughing smugly somewhere. Her teachings have shown excellent results. All the boys‘ admirers would be satisfied with them.

It seemed like the admirers could not resist such outstanding men too.

Callum finally released Camryn.

He had no choice as people were walking by on the street.

Camryn got shy easily too.

If he were to give her a deep kiss, she would definitely avoid him for half a month again. “Sit here.”

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