Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1599 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1599 | [Serenity & Zachary]

With orders barking from Camryn’s eldest cousin, his brothers and cousins immediately took action.

They pushed over her flower pots that were placed on the racks.

“What are you guys doing?” Camryn got up and questioned them sternly.

Mr. Chandler walked over furiously. “What are we doing? Blind woman, don’t blame us for being inhumane when you were also unkind. Guys, continue smashing everything up!

“Are you still counting money? You’re still counting your money after blocking our road to riches.”

Upon seeing the bouquet of money flowers, Mr. Chandler stretched his hand to snatch the bouquet over without even thinking.

However, the bouquet was taken away again in the blink of an eye.

It was not Camryn who did it.

It was Callum.

The Chandlers and Joyners knew Mr. Callum fancied Camryn and was pursuing her passionately.

If it were not for Callum’s identity and status, the Joyners and Chandlers would have joined hands and defeated Camryn to the extent she could not live in the Newmans‘ villa.

Mr. Chandler did not expect Callum to be here.

Did the car at the door belong to Mr. Callum?

They thought someone had parked their car there temporarily.

“Mr. Y–York?” Mr. Chandler stammered.

Callum had an apron around him to prevent his suit from getting dirty. He was in the middle of cutting. vegetables, so he had not put down the knife. He had the knife in one hand and snatched the money flowers back with the other. His handsome face was dark and his gaze was frosty. He glared at Mr.

Chandler coldly.

“What are you guys doing?” Callum questioned icily.

Upon seeing the flower racks that were pushed over, his expression turned even colder. “Did you come here to destroy the shop?”

Mr. Chandler said, “Mr. York, we didn’t come to destroy the shop. They simply knocked into the rack, and it toppled over.”

When facing the cold and icy Mr. York, Mr. Chandler turned timid immediately. He lost the fiery arrogance. he had just now.

Other people were also stunned.

It turned out that Mr. York was there too.

Although they had several people and Callum was alone, they were still cowards before Callum. No one dared touch even a strand of his hair.

That would be equivalent to having a death wish.

“Do you think I’m deaf? I heard everything. You guys are here to destroy the shop. I heard all the words you said earlier. How dare you snatch the money bouquet I gave to my fiancée? Do you think you have too many hands to spare?”

Callum was not easily fooled–he heard everything.

Mr. Chandler smiled and said sheepishly, “Mr. Callum, I… I was wrong. Sorry, Camryn. I shouldn’t have snatched your money bouquet.”

Then, he turned to glare at his brothers and said fiercely, “What are you guys still standing here for? Faster help Camryn get the rack up. We’ll compensate all the broken flower pots based on their original prices.”

The other people snapped back to their senses. They quickly went forward and got the rack they pushed over back up.

However, they were at their wits‘ end because the potted plants were damaged and scattered all over the floor, as their pots were destroyed.

After a short while, they started moving again.

There were many empty pots in Camryn’s store.

They moved small empty flower pots over and squatted down. They scooped the soil on the floor and placed them into the new pots. They continued repotting the scattered flowers with the new pots.

When the bodyguards and store assistants, who had been eating at the nearby fast food store, saw the commotion in the flower shop, they rushed back without finishing their food.

Upon seeing the bodyguards return, Callum said to them, “Watch them clean up. I’m going to continue. cooking.”

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