Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1600 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1600 | [Serenity & Zachary]

After that, Callum placed the money bouquet he had snatched back into Camryn’s arms. He said gently,” Camryn, you can continue counting the money. The food will be ready soon.

“You don’t have to mind those people. I’m here. I’ll even hold the sky up if it falls down.”

After speaking, Callum glared at Mr. Chandler again. “Don’t you know Camryn is my fiancée ? You dared touch my fiancée. How bold of the Chandler family.”

Those words were laced with threats.

Mr. Chandler’s expression changed. He quickly said, “It’s a misunderstanding, Mr. York. We… We realize our mistakes. We’re Camryn’s cousins. My mom’s her aunt. We’re relatives.”

Callum let out a cold hmph. “My Camryn doesn’t want either of your families.”

Camryn had a close relationship with her youngest aunt. Her youngest aunt was the one who saved her life.

However, Callum did not have the chance to meet Aunt Evelyn, who had rescued Camryn, because she married someone who lived far away.

If he had the chance to meet her, he would surely treat her as his own aunt.


Camryn, who had not spoken all along, finally spoke.

She said to Callum, “I’ll deal with them. You can continue cooking. I’m hungry.”

“Okay. I’ll get cooking now.”

Callum could not be bothered to threaten Mr. Chandler further because his fiancée said she was hungry.

His fiancée would not be at a disadvantage anyway.

Callum returned to the simple kitchen to continue cooking with a knife in hand.

The Chandlers and Joyners were shocked.

The great Mr. Callum York was wearing an apron without even taking off his suit and necktie to cook for Camryn. He did not have the attitude of a wealthy man at all. Instead, he looked like an ordinary person.

How deeply did he like Camryn to be willing to do that?

Mr. Chandler thought he should remind his mother to take Mr. Callum’s feelings for Camryn seriously.

Mr. Callum was being earnest.

He was not simply looking for amusement by dating a blind person.

The young masters of the York family did not seem to fool around with feelings in general. They would always make a move after narrowing down on a target. They were loyal lovers who would not change. their targets.

Camryn said to her eldest cousin indifferently, “There are 60 potted plants in each rack. You guys pushed over four of my racks, which brings it to a total of 240 plants. 120 of them are small plants, and their price. ranges from 30 to 50 dollars. I’ll take the mean and charge you 40 each. The other 120 plants are medium- sized and are sold for 50 to 100 dollars. I’ll charge you 80 dollars each.

“Each potted flower had its own pots, but they have been destroyed by you guys. You all used my new pots, and they require money too. I’ll charge 20 and 50 dollars for small- and medium–sized pots, respectively. Edward said he’ll compensate me according to the original prices.

“You may pay me a total of 22,800 dollars. I’ve also given you a discount because we’re cousins.”

Edward Chandler said, “Camryn, are you robbing a bank?”

They had to compensate more than twenty grand for just pushing over several racks.

“Is there a bank that’s only worth this much? Robbing such a bank will be a great loss.”

Edward was speechless.

“Are you guys going to pay up according to the cost prices? Or do you want to compensate me with more money after I’ve called the police to handle this?”

The cousins scolded Camryn inwardly for being evil.

At that moment, Callum walked out with a knife.

The store assistants and bodyguards kept staring at them too.

They turned into cowards again.

Edward said, “We’ll pay you back. How much was it again? I’ll pay you now.”

“22,800 dollars. You can scan my QR code, but I prefer cash.”

“Give her cash,” Callum requested.

His fiancée’s phone was an old model. If the payment were made through a QR code, the store assistant would receive the money and withdraw it as cash for Camryn. It would be troublesome.

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