I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1695

Chapter 1695 

“Grandpa Val, since you trust me, please give me a chance! I really saw a glimpse of hope this time. I want to help the family escape the Palmore family’s control and change my fate,” Alba continued. 

She knew she had to convince Valerio. 

If not, everything would be in vain. 

As long as she got Valerio’s help, Alba could then continue working with David and get the approval of David and his master. 

“Alba, do you know what you’re saying?” Valerio suddenly asked seriously. 

“I do!” Alba answered affirmatively. 

“You’re saying you’re serious?” 

“Of course!” 

“Do you know what kind of family the Palmores are?” 

“Certainly! They are one of the six top forces in Star Kingdom with Sacred Saints. If we want 

to get out of their control, we have to get a Sacred Saint to help us. 

“Since you know this, do you still think you have hope?” 

“I do!” Alba answered without hesitating. 

Valerio stopped talking. He started fixedly at Alba. 

He wanted to read Alba’s face. 

However, Alba looked very determined, as if she really had a way to help the family out of this predicament. 

To be honest, Valerio still could not believe what Alba said until now. 

Like she said, they needed a Sacred Saint behind them if they wanted to get out of the Palmore family’s control. 

There were limited known Sacred Saints in Star Kingdom, so no one would want to help the Fellowes family and offend the Palmore family. 

However, Valerio was willing to give Alba a chance. 

At the same time, he also wanted to give the Fellowes family a glimpse of hope even if it was almost non-existence. 

“Do you really see hope?” Valerio asked. 

“Yes, Grandpa Val! This is the only glimpse of hope I saw after so many years. I want to make a gamble,” Alba answered. 

“Alright. Alba, since you’re so determined, then I won’t hold you back. I’ll give you this chance regardless of if you succeed or not. Just do it bravely. I’ll speak to the head of the family for you even if I have to risk my dignity.” Valerio made the final decision. 

In the end, he chose to trust Alba. 

After all, he watched her grow up, so he figured he would not make the 

wrong decision. 

Even if he was wrong, he could afford to bear the consequences. 

Worse come to worst, he would just give up Treasure Trove. 

“Thank you, Grandpa Val! Thank you!” Alba cried from happiness. 

She knew Grandpa Val would support her. 

He had been genuinely nice to her ever since she was small. 

“Alba, even though I promised to help you and not ground you, I have to remind something,” Valerio said. 

“What is it? I’m all ears,” Alba recomposed herself and answered. 


“You have a fiancé, and a big family like the Palmore family value their prestige a lot. You should stay away from men in the future and not be alone with them. If word gets out and the Palmore family finds out, the consequences will be serious.” 

After Valerio said that, Alba understood instantly. 

The seniors of the family found out about her coming back on the same ship with David and then brought him around Treasure Trove’s headquarters. 

Alba had indeed neglected this. 

After David easily killed the two beginner Sovereign Rankers next to Cornelius, Alba confirmed David’s identity in her heart. 

He was so young and so powerful, therefore, only a Sacred Saint could cultivate someone like him. 

At that time, she only wanted to get on his good side so she could get David and his master’s help in the future. That was why she did not notice these small details. 

She did not expect this to reach the ears of the seniors, causing them to make a big fuss over a minor issue. 

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