I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1696

Chapter 1696 

Since Valerio had mentioned it while representing the seniors of the family, Alba would pay more attention to this in the future. 

If not, she would be doomed if she were grounded. 

“Grandpa Val, I got it. I will pay more attention and not get you into trouble,” Alba said. 

“Alright. It’s good if you understand. Alright, go do your big thing if there’s nothing else. I’ll be waiting for your good news,” Valerio said with a smile. 

His last sentence was clearly a joke, but Alba thought he was serious. 

“Grandpa Val, don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you! You will thank yourself for your decision today! The entire Fellowes family will thank you!” 

“Alright! Haha. I’ll be waiting.” 

Alba came out of Valerio’s study and took a deep breath. 

She could not turn back now. 

Anders was about to come out and David was her only hope. 

She had to help David complete his master’s task as soon as possible. 

That way, she could ask David to get his master. 

She could only talk terms with a Sacred Saint once she saw him. 

If she could not even see him, how would she ask him to help her? 

However, she also had to watch her distance with David from now on. 

She finally convinced Grandpa Val to help her, so she could not let the seniors of the family get any dirt on her. 

It would be hard for Grandpa Val to explain himself if that happened too. 

David was arranged to stay in a very luxurious room. 


Knock knock knock! 

Someone knocked on the door. 

“Who is it?” David asked out of habit. 

“Master David, it’s me.” Mick’s voice came from the door. 

David opened the door. Mick stood outside with a red envelope in his hand. 

“Master David, this is the invitation card for Treasure Trove headquarters’ auction in a week’s time. When the time comes, you can enter the venue with this.” 

As Mick said that, he handed the red envelope to David. 

David’s eyes lit up when he heard that. 

He finally got the invitation to the auction. 

This was great! 

With this, he could become a partial Saint very soon! 

“Thank you, Old Sir!” David thanked sincerely after getting the invitation. 

Anyone who stopped him from increasing his strength would be his enemy. 

On the contrary, anyone who helped him were his friends. 

“Master David, you’re too kind. Miss Alba ordered me to do this so you should thank her. I’m just a runner.” 

“Old Sir, no matter what, you helped me a lot. If you need anything in the future, just ask me. I’ll never say no as long as it’s within my power.” 

“No need! You’re too kind. If there’s nothing else, I’ll get going. Just call out to me if you need anything.” 

“I’m fine here, so I don’t need anything. Thank you, Old Sir.” 

“This is my job. Goodbye, Master David.” 

“Bye, Old Sir.” 

Mick left. 

He thought David was just trying to worm his way into a relationship with him so he could ask about Miss Alba. 

He had not realized what he was rejecting yet. 

That was the promise of a Sacred Saint or above. 

It some time, Mick would be extremely remorseful. He had a chance to curry favors with David, but he refused! 

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