I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1698

Chapter 1698 

Therefore, East League Trading Company’s establishment did not shock anyone. 

No one knew that under David’s unlimited funds, East League Trading Company would soon become a dark horse. 

It would spread to every large trade zone at lightning speed. 

David did not ask about the trading company as he was quietly waiting for the auction. 

This was what David cared about the most now. 

Of course, the trading company was important too. However, he still needed to wait to get the results from it. 

On the other hand, the auction was right in front of him. 

According to his plan, David would become a partial Saint after the auction. 

With his strong mind p 

and his Evil-Splitting Sword, a first-rate Soulbound Weapon, he might not defeat a real Saint, but anyone below Saint Realm would not be his opponent. 

When the time came, he would be regarded as the number one existence below Saint Realm. 

Even though Star Kingdom was a level 7 civilization, a partial Saint was already invincible. 

He would not be scared of any forces in Star Kingdom as long as no Saint Realm grandmasters were involved. 

When the time came, David would have little power to protect himself in this dangerous Star Kingdom filled with powerhouses. 

When East League Trading Company was first established, David transferred one trillion Star Dollars to the company account of East League Trading Company for the company’s development. 

However, since the money was still not spent, David could not get lavish points immediately. He could only get lavish points after East League Trading Company spent the money. 

David would get one lavish point after he spent 100 million Star Dollars. 

When others saw 1 trillion Star Dollars, they might be scared by the number. 

However, since Alba was the third young mistress of Treasure Trove, she was used to it. 

She was born into a family that had countless wealth, so she knew no matter how much money one had, it was all external. 

Strength was something that truly belonged to her. 

With strength, one would get unlimited wealth. 

On the contrary, without strength, the wealth one had initially would eventually also leave them. 

One needed the same level of strength to protect their wealth. One would end up horribly if it was unbalanced. 

The Fellowes family was a great example. 

If they did not find a way to save themselves, the Fellowes family would be devoured by the Palmore family after a few years. 

In the end, they would lose their wealth and their lives. 

Even if the Fellowes family detected the Palmore family’s ambition a long time ago, they still had no way to fight that after so many years. 

The only thing they could do was fulfill every one of the Palmore family’s request in hopes that they would have more time to struggle whilst at death’s door. 

The Fellowes had five grandmasters at Saint Realm. They could deter other forces, but to the Palmore family with a Scared Saint, those five were nothing. 

The Palmore family only dared to take so much from the Fellowes family without the slightest. scruple because of their powerful Sacred Saint. 

Three days later. Two days till the auction started. 

An unwelcome guest came to the super-large trade zone of the West End of the Central Sacred Continent. 

It was Archimedes, the first-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family responsible for searching the West End. 

They used the wormhole to cross a huge distance in a very short time. 

He arrived at the West End from the East End of the Central Sacred Continent. 

Archimedes’ arrival caused the entire West End to feel nervous. 

The news of the death of Cornelius, the second-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family, had spread across the major forces over here. 

Everyone was discussing who was so bold to kill the direct descendant of the Lightfoot family. 

After knowing why Archimedes was here, every major force was worried that the Lightfoot family would target them and they would anger the family that was still fuming. 

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