I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 

Even though Treasure Trove was the biggest company in the West End, the Fellowes family was not the decision maker of the West End. 

They did not have this strength. 

On the other hand, only Treasure Trove’s influence and trading volume were bigger than the other companies at the West End. 

Furthermore, its headquarters was also here. 

Thus, everyone acknowledged Treasure Trove’s position at the West End. 

The East End, South End, and North End were all in the same situation as the West End. 

Only Central was different. 

This was because the controller of Central’s Holy Root Trading Company was the Saints Association, the most amazing organization in Star Kingdom. 

The Saints Association would be the final decision maker in the entire Central Sacred Continent and even Star Kingdom, let alone Central. 

This was an organization with all the Saints in Star Kingdom. 

No one in Star Kingdom would dare to challenge the authority of the Saints Association. 

Not even the Palmore family who had a Sacred Saint. 

Of course, the Sacred Saint of the Palmore family was also one of the senior figures of the Saints Association and they had a lot of authority in it. 

Therefore, the family did not need to offend the Saints Association. 

After Archimedes arrived at the West End, he stayed in Spenlor’s branch and started planning out how he would search the West End. 

To be honest, the cores that the Lightfoot family sent to search the other areas were just running around without aim. The possibility of them finding the murderer was very low, like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

The Lightfoot family was just trying to make their anger known. 

If they did not do anything after their direct descendant and second-in-line heir died, how would outsiders view them? 

Their actual plan was to ask a Saint Realm grandmaster to come out. Then, the grandmaster would use the blood essence Cornelius left at home, cast the Bloodline Guidance Spell, and find Cornelius’ exact location when he was still alive. 

Then, they would spread out from where he died. 

The head of the Lightfoot family had told the grandmaster about this. As for which one of them would do it and when would they do it, this was not something the head could control 

Only Saints could cast the Bloodline Guidance Spell, so the Lightfoot family could only wait patiently 

The outside world was feeling tense, but David did not feel anything since he was always in his 


No matter how invincible Archimedes was, he would not dare to search Treasure Trove’s headquarters. 

The Fellowes family had not fallen to that stage yet 

David was having the time of his life size Alba did not come to him 

Time passed slowly and soon it was the day of the auction 

David got up early to wash up and groom himself 

He could not be stopped at the dont because of his appearance even though the possibility of this was very low 

After he did all that, he took his sword sheath and grabbed his fxquisite Wine of Hundred 

Flowers and Fruits 

When he got ready to leave, someone knocked on his door 

Knock knock knock! 

David opened the door without asking 

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