Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1125

Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1125

Cory was in a good mood, knowing he had once again made a fortune. He then said, “Of course. Ms. Pearson, I’m sure you’ve come to me again because you believe in my capabilities. Now, tell me. What is it that you want me to investigate?”

Narrowing her eyes, Aubree said, “Investigate what happened between Roxanne and Lucian!” Cory let out a meaningful chuckle when he heard what she said.

Aubree questioned coldly, “Why are you laughing?” As if unaware of her anger, Cory muttered, “Since you’ve agreed to the price I proposed so readily, I have to show you something.”

With that, he took out a phone from the bag. beside him and typed away on the screen. Soon, Aubree received a few messages on her phone.

“I believe what you’re about to see won’t disappoint you, Ms. Pearson.” Cory sounded confident.

Aubree furrowed her brows and swiped open her phone, checking the messages he sent. The chat interface showed that Cory had sent her more than ten pictures.

Each picture was attached with the time it was taken. Those were recent pictures of Roxanne and Jack hanging out together.

Judging from the date attached, the two had been meeting each other almost every day. Moreover, they seemed intimate with each other in the pictures.

Aubree was hesitant. “What does this mean? Are you trying to suggest that Jack was why Lucian and Roxanne separated?”

On the other end of the line, Cory said in a mischievous tone, “Come to think of it, it’s kind of amusing. The princess of the Farwell family stayed overnight at Ms. Jarvis’ house. The next morning, Mr. Damaris came. After that, Mr. Farwell came in the afternoon as well. Then, he left with her daughter and never returned to Ms. Jarvis place again.”

There must be some correlation between these two incidents judging by the time they happened.

However, Aubree was still doubtful. Roxanne and Jack meeting up frequently was no longer something new. Before this, she had tried disclosing this matter.

to Lucian, but nothing significant happened.

Lucian indeed got furious, but he didn’t cut off contact with Roxanne because of it.  However, Aubree couldn’t think of anything other than this that would possibly cause Lucian and Roxanne’s separation.

Consequently, she was filled with puzzlement.

A few moments later, Aubree broke the silence. “It shouldn’t be this simple. Continue to investigate and find out why Lucian and Roxanne separated. Otherwise, you will not receive a penny from me!”

“Ms. Pearson, are you threatening me?” Cory’s tone turned cold.

Roxanne was momentarily at a loss for words. After struggling to suppress her anger, she said, “My apologies. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m counting on you.”

Satisfied with her response, Cory scoffed, “That’s better. Don’t forget that we’re not in a simple employer-employee relationship.”

He then hung up without giving her a chance to reply. Aubree’s face clouded over as she stared at the darkened phone screen..

I swear I won’t show Cory any mercy once I’ve become Mrs. Farwell in the future. She then remembered something and scrolled. through the pictures Cory sent her.

A cold glint flashed across her eyes as she looked at the way Roxanne and Jack interacted with each other in the pictures.

Regardless of the reason behind Lucian and Roxanne’s separation, Roxanne’s relationship with Jack is still worthy of exploitation! It’d be even better if I can get something to actually happen between them…

However, she couldn’t come up with a plan for the time being. Hence, she needed to discuss with someone how to put her idea into action

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