Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1126

Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1126

Remembering her task of bringing Estella to school tomorrow, Aubree set an alarm for six o’clock in the morning. She felt extremely irritated when the alarm rang the next morning, disturbing her slumber..

Last night, she barely got any sleep as she couldn’t stop thinking about Roxanne and Jack. She had only slept for three to four hours.

Raising her hand to turn off the alarm, she closed her eyes, wanting to go back to sleep. But I still need to gain Lucian’s favor…

After lazing around under the covers for a while, Aubree reluctantly climbed out of bed, suppressing her anger. She then went downstairs after washing up. Gina was leisurely watering the flowers

downstairs and was surprised to see her daughter up so early. “Why are you up so early?” Still grumpy from lack of sleep, Aubree’s expression was grim. “I have to send Essie to school.”

Hearing that, Gina bobbed her head understandingly. “You should. You’re suffering now in exchange for a bright and happy future after you marry Lucian. Hang in there.”

Aubree was, of course, aware of this. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have woken up this early in the morning.

“Did you look into what I told you last night?” Gina turned to look at her daughter after she finished watering the flowers.

At the thought of that matter, Aubree nodded with furrowed brows. “Yes, I asked someone to investigate it, but I’m not sure what’s the reason.”

She had been pondering about it all night long. According to the information Cory had provided her, Roxanne’s daily routine hardly changed during this period.

It won’t make sense to say that Lucian gave up on Roxanne because of her relationship with Jack. Roxanne is already on friendly terms with Jack before she and Lucian had a fallout.

However, if that wasn’t the case, Aubree couldn’t think of another reason.

Seeing that her daughter had taken what she said into consideration, Gina stopped saying anything else. After the two had a simple breakfast, Aubree drove to the Farwell residence.

When she arrived, Lucian was having breakfast

with Estella.

The man frowned slightly when he saw Aubree. “Why are you here this early in the morning?”

Aubree said, beaming. “Farwell Group is quite far away from Essie’s kindergarten, and it’d be quite inconvenient for you to make a trip there. So, I was thinking I’d do it instead.”

With that, she flashed Estella an amicable smile.

Estella pursed her lips in silence as she remembered what had happened between them yesterday. Lucian, on the other hand, pondered for a moment, feeling inexplicably awkward.

Estella stayed with Roxanne for some time before she transferred to the new kindergarten. Back then, Roxanne would be the one sending Estella to school.

Now, however, Estella had transferred to another kindergarten, and the person who sent her to school had also changed. A self-deprecating look flashed across Lucian’s eyes when he realized what he was thinking.

I’ve already decided to cut ties with Roxanne. So why am I still thinking about her?

Aubree felt somewhat uneasy when she didn’t get a response from Lucian after a long time, thinking he was giving her the cold shoulder again.

“If you have already asked someone else to send Essie, I’ll-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lucian’s deep voice sounded. “You’re here just in time. Have you had. breakfast? If not, come join us.”

When Aubree heard that, her eyes lit up suddenly. “It’s fine. I got up very early, so I’ve already eaten.” After that, she pointed at the couch cautiously. “I’ll sit on the couch and wait.”

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