Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1130

Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1130

Hearing that, Roxanne instinctively furrowed her brows as her tone turned indifferent. “Oh, no, no. Mr. Damaris is only a business partner. He has provided us with the medicinal herbs in time to ensure that the research continues according to schedule.”

Colby’s words had reminded Roxanne of her boys, and certain thoughts crossed her mind. How will the boys believe me if even Colby has mistaken my relationship with Jack? Also, I simply can’t think of why others will mistake the nature of my relationship with Jack.

Colby flashed her an unfazed smile. “You don’t need to be in a hurry to deny it, Dr. Jarvis. After all, it’s normal for Mr. Damaris to be impressed by someone as skillful as you, Dr. Jarvis.”

Then, as if fearing Roxanne would not know about what they knew, he beamed and said, “I’m afraid you don’t know about this, but everyone in the research institute has been talking about your relationship with Mr. Damaris.”

Roxanne stiffened. “What are you talking about?”

Colby shrugged. “Mr. Damaris is always by your side when he visits the research institute, and he’s so considerate of our establishment. It will be difficult for us to not assume that the two of you aren’t romantically involved.”

Roxanne parted her lips but soon realized she had no way to refute that. Thus, the only thing she said was, “Dr. Galloway, if you ever hear anyone talking about this again, please explain to them that Mr. Damaris and I are only friends. There isn’t anything else between us.”

Colby inclined his head. “I will.”

Then, he added, “Still, this matter won’t die down just because they hear an explanation or two from me. If you don’t wish for others to mistake your relationship with Mr. Damaris, it’s best to keep a distance from him.”

Roxanne nodded. “Thank you for the reminder. I will pay attention to that.”

After that, Colby said nothing else and led his men to take stock of the medicine. Unbeknownst to Roxanne, a peculiar look flashed across Colby’s eyes.

Jack had been going to the research institute almost every day. Every time he was there, the two of them would take almost half a day to talk about the progression of the research.

Indeed, the other employees at the research institute had been talking about them, but Colby’s earlier words mostly stemmed from his worries about their relationship. Only after hearing Roxanne’s denial did Colby finally feel relieved.

In contrast, Roxanne only felt more and more frustrated after what Colby had said. In the afternoon, Jack came to the research institute as usual to discuss the research’s progress.

“How’s the research? Was the batch of medicinal herbs I sent in the morning enough? If not, I can get another batch,” Jack said to her in front of other researchers.

Roxanne did not know whether it was a trick of his mind or not, but she felt as if everyone around her was watching them right after Jack said that.

However, when she lifted her head to survey her surroundings, she only saw them busying away with the research. At that, Roxanne began jeering at herself.

At the end of the day, she was only worrying about that because she was feeling guilty after hearing Colby’s words. Speaking of which, I’m always by Colby’s side too, so why is Jack the only one they think I’m romantically involved with?

Then, the thought of her two sons popped into her head again, and Roxanne pressed her lips tightly together. “Dr. Jarvis?” Jack called out, puzzled when he

noticed her expression. “What are you thinking about?”

Roxanne snapped back to her sense and gave him a quick smile. “Nothing.” “These medicinal herbs…”

Right as Jack was about to say something, Roxanne cut him off by saying, “Why don’t we talk outside? Let’s not disturb the people’s concentration in their experiments.”

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