Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1134

Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1134

Meanwhile, Estella and Pamela were the only ones left at the kindergarten entrance. “Essie, who’s coming to pick you up today? Were you always picked up so late in your previous kindergarten?” Pamela patiently clarified the matter with Estella, for it was the first time she had encountered such a situation.

Estella pursed her lips in silence as if she didn’t hear Pamela at all. It was never her desire to come to the new kindergarten, and now that she was left to wait for a long time, she couldn’t help but feel depressed.

Just when Pamela was wondering whether to give Lucian a call, a car gradually rolled up beside them. Aubree alighted from it with an anxious expression on her face.

“I’m sorry for being late, Ms. Yaxley. Traffic was really bad.” After speaking to Pamela, she gave Estella an apologetic look. “I’m sorry to have made you wait, Essie. I’ll definitely come earlier next time!”

Estella continued to pout in silence. Seeing that, Pamela defused the situation with a smile. “It’s normal for kids to throw a tantrum after waiting for such a long time. She’ll be fine after a while.”

Aubree nodded in acknowledgment. She pulled Estella to her side, then bade Pamela goodbye and ushered Estella into the car. Throughout the journey, Aubree kept apologizing to Estella.

“I’m really sorry. I stay far away from your kindergarten, and I also didn’t expect to encounter such heavy traffic?

With her head hung low, Estella ignored Aubree while fiddling with her fingers. When they arrived at the Farwell residence, Lucian was about to give Aubree a call.

The sight of her car coming to a halt elicited a frown from him. “Lucian, I’m sorry I was late picking up Essie. I was stuck in traffic.”

Aubree had already gotten into character, complete with a remorseful expression and reddened eyes. Lucian suppressed his urge to demand an explanation from her.

“This is all my fault. Essie never liked her new kindergarten, and I had to make things worse by letting her wait. It’s no surprise that she’s mad at me,” Aubree blamed herself.

Behind her, Estella looked up to glance at her. Despite the minute change in her face, she didn’t say a word at all.  All this while, she had felt that Aubree was just putting on an act. But now, she was no longer as certain.

Ms. Pearson was speaking in that tone inside the car. If this was all just an act, why would she bother to pretend in front of me? As Lucian watched how Aubree blamed herself, his expression changed.

“Why don’t I find a place to stay that’s nearer to Essie’s kindergarten? Otherwise, it would be troublesome if I got caught in traffic again…” Aubree added while discreetly observing Lucian’s expression.

The sight of his furrowed brows filled Aubree with secret delight. She could see that the time was right to pile on the pressure. “I’ll get my mom to look for a place for me once I get back.”

“There’s no such need,” Lucian said in a deep voice. “You can move into the manor for the time being. It will be more convenient for you to pick Essie up and watch over her here.”

Aubree feigned hesitance. “Wouldn’t Essie feel uncomfortable if I were to move in? I feel that we should take it slow when it comes to improving our relationship.”

“Since it’s just a matter of time for us to live together, we might as well let her get used to it earlier.” Lucian then turned around and instructed Catalina, “Prepare the guest room for Ms. Pearson.” Aubree was naturally delighted by the turn of events.

Just as I expected. Lucian’s attitude toward me will soften as long as I demonstrate through my actions that I have Essie’s best interest at heart. From the looks of it, my days in the Farwell residence won’t be as painful anymore.

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