Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2760

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2760

After dinner, Monte staggered as he stood up. “Lizzie, I think I’ve drunk too much. Can you bring me to the room to rest?”

“Okay.” Charity held him by his shoulders.

Monte was secretly pleased, and more than half of his body was leaning against hers.

Charity tottered as she brought him into the room. Before she could switch on the lights, Monte pushed her to the wall.

“Lizzie, I miss you so badly. Do you miss me?” Monte kissed her greedily and desperately. “Do you remember how happy I used to make you?”

Charity covered his lips with a calm gaze.

“Lizzie, there’s no one here. You don’t have to be shy.” Monte’s Adam’s apple bobbed. With his hand around her waist, he could not wait to act.

While her hands were around his neck, Charity let out a creepy laugh. “Who said… no one’s here?”

Monte was stunned. However, he suddenly laughed wickedly. “Lizzie, you’re bad. You really do know how to scare-”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt something sharp thrust into his shoulder.

His eyes widened, and he wanted to lookback. However, he did not manage to catch sight of the person behind him before his vision suddenly went black, and he fell onto the floor.

Charity said to Steven, “Good job.”

“How dare this trashy man think about touching you?” Steven kicked Monte viciously a few times. To think that trashy man had hugged Charity so many times when his buddy had not even done it before!

“Enough. Don’t injure him.” charity shot a look at Steven. “Toss him onto the bed.”

With that, Steven dragged Monte across the floor and tossed him onto the bed. After that, he began taking off Monte’s clothes.

Charity could not be bothered to keep watching. “I’ll take my leave first. I’ll pass the situation here to you.” “Don’t worry. I’ll surely handle the situation well without leaving a trace.” Steven turned around and snapped his fingers.

Charity pulled the door open, turned to the side, and walked out.

Shortly after he stepped out, the door to the elevator suddenly opened, and a tall figure walked out. That man was staggering a little, seemingly drunk.

Charity’s heart clenched.

Only when she was closer to him could she see his handsome face clearly.

At that face, she frowned heavily.

It was Chester Jewell, whom she never thought she would see here and, more coincidentally, bump into him on the same floor.

As Chester was walking, he undid the buttons of his shirt.

Having drunk two bottles of wine, his handsome face was flushed red, and his lips curled into a wicked smile. He approached her step by step. “Using your body to lure Monte, huh? Do you have to be so desperate?”

After that, Chester pulled his suit off his body. The drunk man’s eyes were beaming. “Let me know if you want to deal with him. I’ll make sure I destroy the entire Patterson family.”

On the man’s body, there was a strong smell of alcohol and tobacco.

Charity looked down and walked past him to leave.

However, Chester clutched her wrist, pressing it against the wall, with one hand and stopped her using another.

“Charity, aren’t you worried that Max will mind what you’re doing here tonight?” Chester bent over and stared at the fair skin on her neck, which exuded a familiar fragrance.

“Chester.” charity lifted her head and looked at him coldly. “Didn’t you promise to leave me alone and stop pestering me?”

Chester froze.

He stared into charity’s eyes earnestly. Her eyes were so dark that no light could enter, and it sent a chill down his spine.

“Yeah. I did promise you that.”

All of a sudden, Chester burst into laughter, and his eyes reddened. “But somehow, I couldn’t help getting mad when I saw the news of you shopping, eating, and even buying clothes with Max. charity…”

As he spoke with a hoarse voice, he tapped the left part of his head. “This part wants to destroy you and lock you up so that I’m the only one in your world.”

Then, he tapped the right part of his head. “However, this part is telling me to stay far away from you because I don’t deserve to be with you. I’m f*cking about to get mad. Tell me what I should do.”

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