My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1842

Chapter 1842

Ellen’s words hit home, setting turmoil in Selena. Jared has a girlfriend?! She must be someone extraordinary. I have outstanding merits, but there’s always someone better out there. 

“Ellen, are you sure about this?” She held on the chance that Ellen saw it wrongly 

“No cap.” Ellen nodded seriously, putting her plan into operation. “Selena, do you perhaps have feelings for President Presgrave?” 

A deflated Selena did not hide the truth. “So what if I like him? He’s already taken.” 

“Selena, I bet there’s a lot of people lining up for you out there Why don’t you choose someone from an influential family to be your husband? I think President Presgrave is off-limits He will never fall for someone ordinary like us, Ellen advised. 

Still, Selena gave her an eye roll. “Not me.” 

Ellen returned a smile instead of getting angry “Yeah, yeah. I’m the only one. You studied abroad, at least.” 

“Yup! And I am a graduate of a privileged school! Selena’s eyes twinkled with pride. It was, in actuality, a hoax because she paid someone to write her thesis. 

“You’re a genius, Selenal How did you enroll in that university?” It piqued Ellen’s interest because Selena had always had poor grades, let alone scoring on the SAT Therefore, how was it even possible for her to study in a recognized school? 

Selena sneered. 1 pulled some strings. Dad has his connections. I told him I wanna get into that university. and they offered me a place a few days later. You have no idea how happy I was ” 

Never once had Selena opened up to her toxic friends, so she felt like bringing up her remarkable’ past she took pride in 

“Really? Uncle Connor’s the best!” Ellen feigned envy 

“He sure is” Selena was proud to have a father like Connor, who granted every of her wish. 

“It took him a phone call to get me a position in Presgrave Group” Then, she wondered how Ellen got a job in the company “Did you pass the interview with flying colors?” 

The doubt plaguing Ellen’s mind was finally answered, so she reconfirmed. “Uncle Connor helped you with 


“Yep. He called one of the senior employees Selena nodded. 

I think Uncle Connor helped me too She mustn’t know about this, or she’ll throw a fit at him. Therefore, Ellen led A As you’ve guessed, I passed the interview 

Selena observed the attractive Ellen while thinking that receptionists were indeed dolls. Next, she steered the topic back “Tell me more about Mr Presgrave” 

Ellen was helpless “I don’t know what else to talk about.” 

“What about that gorgeous lady you mentioned? Who is she? Is she a celebrity or someone rich?” 

“Not the former, but she appears to be from a rich family She has that air around her” Ellen continued faking 

Selena did not doubt one bit of her story Judging from Jared’s identity, it was nearly impossible that he was ungle Women would throw themselves at a capable man like him, so that marked the end of Selena’s sweet dreams 

“But why does the treat you to special?” She could not understand why Jared noticed a newcomer like Ellen 

amongst the employees. 

“It’s probably because of my circumstances. Ellen added, “I once cried at work when I bumped into him. He asked, and I told him that Grandma left. I seem pitiful now that I’m all by myself.” 

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