My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1844


Ellen indeed came to work too early-it was only 8.20AM! 

“Oh. You haven’t had breakfast?” 

“What about you?” 

“Me neither. I haven’t eaten the bread I bought, answered Ellen honestly, feeling slightly awkward. 

“Let’s go, then Jared beckoned her over with his finger. “Follow me downstairs.” 

She trailed him into the elevator to head to the underground parking lot. Then, they departed from Presgrave Group in his cool sports car. 

Compared to the rushing crowd of white collared workers, the man appeared laid back. Judging from his composed action amidst the fast-paced society, it was as if he held sway over everything. 

Ellen had a hearty breakfast at the restaurant. If I work for President Presgrave any longer, I’ll unavoidably gain a few extra pounds. I don’t even feel like I’m working! 

Jared enjoyed his breakfast while his gaze glued onto the girl as though it was his duty to ensure she filled her stomach. When he noticed she stopped halfway through her meal, he questioned, “Why stop?” 

It was not that she could not finish it, but her stomach was filled to the brim. Furthermore, the epiphany of the importance of keeping fit just struck her. She would look different if she put on a few extra pounds! 

“I-I’m trying to lose weight. I can’t have too much, Ellen replied truthfully. She could lie with a deadpan face in front of Selena, yet it seemed like she could not do the same to him. 

“What weight?” Jared scanned her from head to toe, realizing that her proportion was perfect when his gaze swept across her chest 

“My waist is getting plumper,” she grumbled. 

“I don’t think so,” he refuted. 

“It might not seem like it, but that is the truth.” 

“Didn’t I hug you the day we hiked? You’re too thin to me. You should have some more” The smile on Jared’s face made him glow. 

In the face of his engaging smile, Ellen blushed so hard that her heart raced. At that moment, she realized one of the benefits of working by his side. Sharing the same space with him is testing my heart’s limit. He keeps pushing the acceleration! I can’t take it anymore! 

“Finish them. Don’t waste,” he cooed. 

Hearing that, she found no other reason to stop eating because she was only half full. 

People were jostling each other to get on the train for work, yet she spent her morning with a lovely breakfast with her boss. On top of that, she could relish in her coffee as the slanted morning sunlight crawled through the French windows, warming her up. 

If this is how it feels to be working, it must be a guilty pleasure. 

Suddenly, her phone rang. Realizing it was Harvey, she turned on the silent mode and put it aside. 

“Why aren’t you picking up?” 

“It’s that guy again. I don’t feel like talking to him.” 

Yet, Jared reached out for her phone to answer the call, “Hello” 

“Hey, isn’t this Ellen’s number? Who are you?” Harvey was surprised 

“Yes, it is. I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?” Jared interrogated coldly. 

“I–I’m her friend. Harvey stuttered. 

“I don’t care who you are, but leave Ellen alone,” warned Jared before ending the call. 

His actions confounded Ellen as her expression went blank for a couple of moments, but she was thankful for his help nevertheless. 

He placed her phone in front of her “Let’s go elsewhere.” 


His silence was the only response she received. After that, he drove his sports car to a smartphone store to purchase her a new phone. Ellen also thought it was time to change a new one, but the man had swiped his card before she could foot the bill. 

“President Presgrave, y-you don’t have to do that. I can afford it. She tried to stop him. 

“Think of it as a gift from me.” He smiled, taking pleasure in buying her stuff. 

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