My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 2202

My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 2202

“Hi, you guys have raised Joey well. She’s beautiful and capable.” “You have no idea how envious I am of you for having a son like Ethan. He’s handsome and intelligent.”

The two mothers praised each other’s children. When they looked at the young couple, they were truly pleased to see them getting together.

Meanwhile, Josephine and Ethan held hands under the table. They were happy to see each other’s parents getting along well. After all, their lives would be filled with joy since they had their parents’ blessings.

Their parents got closer during the dinner. After seeing them off at around 8.30PM, Josephine and Ethan finally had some time alone. Ethan was in a hurry as he had to leave by 3.00PM the next day. He promised that he would come back to her in half a month.

On the other hand, Josephine didn’t need him to come back in a rush. However, when she learned that he was heading to the Arctic, she was worried and hoped he would come back safely.

After a night of intimacy, Ethan suffered from insomnia, No woman had ever made him. unwilling to leave her before. He was even worried that Josephine would stop loving him when he returned half a month later.

Josephine awakened before dawn. When she realized the man beside her was wide awake, she was shocked. She hugged him and asked, “Why didn’t you sleep?”

“It’s fine. I can get some shut-eye on the flight.” Ethan wrapped his arms around her and ran his fingers through her soft hair. “Let’s go to the beach and watch the sunrise,” he suggested.

Since Josephine was well-rested, she nodded. “Sure.” Young people like them could go wherever they wanted to when they felt like it. Josephine put on some light makeup and changed into a dress before leaving with Ethan.

The road was empty at this hour, so they didn’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. Ethan and Josephine were thrilled as the car moved at an incredible speed. They were in a hurry as they could already see the sun spreading its glow across the clouds. Needless to say, the sun was about to rise.

Ethan found the best place to watch the sunrise on the internet and drove to the destination. They soon left a coconut grove and arrived at the beach where the sunrise would be the most beautiful.

Josephine opened the door and walked along the beach while holding hands with the man. As they watched the sun rising above the clouds and shining its rays everywhere, they couldn’t help but feel awestruck.

“It’s magnificent!” she exclaimed. It had been a long time since she last watched such a beautiful sight at ease. It was made even more meaningful since she could do it with the man she loved.

Ethan’s gaze fell upon her face. No doubt she was alluring as the morning rays shone on her. The morning breeze blew through her long hair, making her look adorable yet charming. His heart fluttered at the sight.

He placed his arm around her shoulder and kissed her hair. When Josephine looked up and saw the attractive man beside her, she was aroused. She boldly draped her arms around his neck and tiptoed.

The man lowered his figure and supported her weight, so she didn’t have to exert herself. Then, he easily lifted her off her feet and let her legs wrap around his waist. The kiss was intimate and intense.

Their breathing became unstable as Ethan shuffled toward the car while carrying the woman. Realizing what the man was up to, Josephine was shocked. She thumped his chest and demanded, “Put me down, Ethan.”

However, the man had been aroused, so he wouldn’t let her go. Moreover, they were in the right place and at the right time. He wanted to try out a different kind of excitement with her.

Since they were about to part ways, Josephine decided to let the man do whatever he wanted. The intimate session was intense as they were reluctant to bid each other farewell.

A long time later, it was fully bright outside as the breeze whisked through them gently. Ethan sent her home. After she took a shower and put on her clothes, he sent her to the company. “I have to go home and pack up. Let’s have lunch together later,” he suggested.

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