Chapter 1545

Kelly cheered up at once, it’s nothing. It’s just that I’ve gotten used to working here.’

‘She must be…it’s certainly not because of anyone,’ Nicole assured herself.

Without taking the matter seriously, she said, “Don’t worry. The new place will certainly be better.”

“Okay!” Kelly nodded, fully believing in what Nicole had said.

The two of them got off the elevator and walked into the R&D office. At that moment, Terry was leading a team as they conducted a series of tests on the chip of the manned flying car. Nicole was shocked, spectating without a word as she did not expect that it would have entered the testing stage.

The manned flying car quickly started, the engine of the car igniting before the vehicle slowly rose into the air. This marked the first time Nicole had ever seen a manned flying carthat they had developed roaring into action. After all, when she was introduced to this R&D project, the project was only half complete. Indeed, Nicole had not expected that Terry would perfect this project in such a short span of time.

‘He really lived up to Jared’s expectation,’ she thought.

“Start sending out commands,” Terry ordered the driver on the other end of the computer.

The driver swallowed and nervously instructed, “Commence.”

Right away, the car began moving along at a steady speed at the Belton racetrack with multiple obstacles set up along the way. The driver was extremely nervous as he watched the first obstacle approaching. To his surprise, the manned flying car maneuvered past the obstacles ahead and evaded the simulated cars interspersed throughout the course. There were several cars ahead that were arranged in a challenging formation, and with its computational analysis, the manned flying car overtook them without a hitch.

“Nicole…I think we are going to succeed!” Kelly was overjoyed.

Nicole was also stunned by the sight. ‘It seems that I don’t need to worry about the things here.’

However, as soon as Nicole was set to make up her mind, a variable changed. The final course of the test drive was set into motion in order to test whether the vehicle could grind to a smooth halt when encountering a pedestrian who would abruptly dash onto the road.

The car crashed into the dummy, sending it flying into the air. The driver was also taken aback. Fortunately, the braking system worked, allowing the car to stop at once.

Terry, who was watching this scene, couldn’t help but muster a deep frown. “What’s going on? Why didn’t it stop?”

“I…I don’t know. There are obviously no problems in the system.”

The other researchers were looking at each other, unable to put their finger on where the problem had come from.

Kelly too, was a little disappointed. “I wasn’t expecting it to fail at the very end.”

Meanwhile, Nicole shook her head and said, “This is all normal. Don’t worry. I came back just to solve this matter.”

And with that said, she pushed the door open and entered the R&D testing room.

Terry was caught by surprise. He placed his microphone down and walked out as soon as he saw Nicole coming.

“Miss Riddle, you’re here.”

Nicole nodded. “I saw your test drive moments ago. It was quite successful.”

Terry’s expression hinted at his mixed feelings as he said, “It still failed at the very last moment.”

To him, the process was not important; the results were

it’s not a failure. Just leave that to me,” Nicole said.

After she had spoken, Nicole walked into the R&D testing room and signaled the programmer in front of the computer to move aside. The programmer in charge was dumbfounded, for he had never heard that Nicole could write codes.

After exchanging several glances with each other, and after some thought, Terry motioned the programmer to get up from his seat.

Nicole sat down at once, whereupon she quickly switched the autopilot system on. Then, her fingers quickly darted over the letters of the keyboard, leaving everyone in the office in awe.

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