Chapter 1546

As Terry saw what Nicole was doing, a glint of shock crossed his eyes. He was utterly surprised by the fact that Nicole even knew coding at all. And on top of that, she was proficient at it.

As he observed Nicole’s speed, in which she was far faster than his most professional programmers, the look in Terry’s eyes turned from shock to admiration.

‘She’s only eighteen years old, and yet she’s so good at it. What would she become in the future?’ he wondered.

While Terry was deep in thought, Nicole had whipped a flash drive out after typing a bunch of codes in. Then, a new interface opened.

When Terry saw those codes, he was left rooted in place.

“l-is this the command code for robots?” he asked.

There was already a limited number of local groups who were researching on robots. Such technology only existed in top research institutes in foreign countries. With the notion that no one would publish any information about such a confidential system, he could not help but think where and how Nicole had gotten her hands on it.

‘Yeah, I got this code from my friend. If I apply this to the manned flying cars, it will speed our process of research up,” she said.

As she spoke, Nicole had already modified the command code, making its format compatible for the car’s system. She was so quick at it that it was shocking. At the same time, it was also scary for those around her to witness this side of her.

An eighteen year-old girl mastering a skill that significant was truly a sight to behold.

As everyone was shocked and speechless, Nicole had already pressed the’ Enter’ key, placing the code in successfully.

“Unfortunately, I am the only one who can install modifications to the technology. No one else has access to it. Still, everything seems perfect and there isn’t any issue for now,” Nicole replied calmly.

Everyone was staring at each other. Even a programmer with twenty years of experience would dare not guarantee perfection. For Nicole, however, she had earned the privilege to do so. The look on her face gave everyone the confidence to believe in her. It was as if there were no mistakes at all.

’Let’s switch it on and give it a try.” Nicole said in a low voice.

Terry was the first to come back to his senses.

Then, he looked at everyone. “Get into your positions. Let’s try again.”

“Noted!” The rest of them did as they were told, got to their stations quickly, and prepared for another trial run, which began thereafter.

The driver switched the system on, after which the voice of a woman emanated from the speakers. “Welcome aboard, master. Where are you headed to? Please state the location and give your instructions.”

When the artificial intelligence’s voice blared out, everyone was left stunned by what they had just heard, for the current system they were operating was leagues beyond the one they had moments ago.

With just a few tweaks, it had already been upgraded to something much more superior. Naturally, the price for the car would also double twofold with this system installed.

“Go right ahead and start.” The driver, who was very excited, gulped and ordered.

“Okay,” The system replied and drove ahead at moderate speed, though at a speed faster than before.

Everyone watching was nervous. The technology was state of the art indeed, but they were concerned that it would be dangerous to drive past obstacles and avoid cars at such a high speed.

The car soon arrived at the first testing point, and without the driver having to give any instructions, the vehicle got around all of the obstacles. Then, it quickly dodged the cars in front without needing to slow down at all. This left everyone in a state of amazement.

‘Oh my God! It would take the greatest of experts to create a system like this!” the programmers cried.

Indeed, even with their abilities, they would never reach this level.

Terry’s eyes were wide in shock too. ‘Where did Nicole even acquire this system? It’s really an unusual one!’

As the car neared the third checkpoint, everyone began to feel nervous, for a mannequin suddenly appeared, blocking the way in front of the car.

However, the manned flying car did not slow down. Seeing that, everyone gasped.

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