Chapter 1550

As soon as Nicole had responded, Mr. Guzman Sr. deepened his voice and said in a serious tone, “I heard that the Riddle family had a banquet yesterday, and it was announced in front of everyone present that you are the successor of the Fire Crest.’

Hearing this, Karlo was taken aback.

“Dad, what are you talking about? What Fire Crest?” he asked.

Mr. Guzman Sr. turned to Karlo and said, “It’s the Reby Family Crest written in the preface of our family’s records. The Fire Crest is one of crests.”

Karlo was appalled. To a man as pragmatic and serious as he was, those things sounded like nothing but fairytales.

‘Who would’ve thought that this little brat here is going to be the successor of the Fire Crest?’ he wondered.

“Yes.” Nicole uttered, neither humble nor proud of it.

However, Zeke then began to panic. ‘If grandpa and dad find out that I was involved, they would want to kill me, wouldn’t they?’

Up until that moment, Zeke had not told them the truth. ‘So, grandpa and dad had asked me to bring Nicole over so that they could question her about something?’

Surely enough, Mr. Guzman Sr. could already tell that Zeke was feeling guilty about something, and so, he questioned his grandson at once. “Zeke, are you still trying to hide it? Did those assassins come after you because of the Fire Crest?’

Zeke was so caught off guard that his legs began to feel wobbly and weak.’ This is it. Grandpa really knew everything!’

Zeke’s face instantly blanched and he was rendered speechless for a moment.

Nicole immediately understood the situation, having surmised that it was a trap.

‘Mr. Guzman Sr. had probably known it all from the get go. After all, the crest was written in the Guzman family’s records. They must be one of the century-old families as well,’ she concluded.

According to rumors, Mr. Guzman Sr. had been in the military government for two consecutive terms throughout his entire life. He had never been bowed down to anyone. Because of this, he might not give in to Nicole as easily.

Although Nicole knew that the situation would be a tough one to deal with, she still stood in front of Zeke and shielded him. “About this whole thing, Zeke was dragged into it. He was the one who was roped into all of this.”

Mr. Guzman Sr. did not expect Nicole to be so daring.

Suppressing his anger, he turned to Nicole and asked, “What on earth is going on? Please make things clear. I want to know why my son got hurt? My grandson was the one who had found the Fire Crest, so how did it fall into your hands?”

‘After all, the Fire Crest is a very significant artifact which was once in the possession of a Guzman. However, this good-for-nothing Zeke had failed to guard it, and now it has fallen into Nicole’s hands. I suspect that this pretty little brat has bewitched my grandson with her looks!’ he thought.

Nicole obviously knew what Mr. Guzman Sr. was thinking about. As she did not plan to keep it a secret anymore, she immediately told him the whole story, from how Zeke had gotten involved in the case, to the part where they were trying to hide before being found by Karlo, to them discovered and saved by her, to the way Zeke had found himself incapable of handling the crest, and to the transfer of ownership of the crest to her.

Initially, Mr. Guzman Sr. felt nothing but anxiety and pity for his own grandson. However, after hearing about how he single handedly passed the crest over to Nicole, Mr. Guzman Sr. became furious.

“Nonsense! Do you know what being the head of the Reby family signifies? How could you easily give the position to this person?” he roared.

Although he knew that Nicole was the one who had saved Karlo, he also knew that she was a superb hacker.

Mr. Guzman Sr. became even more furious the instant he thought about how the Riddle family had risen to the top of the list just because of the Fire Crest, and that the Guzman family would have to be courteous and subservient to them in the foreseeable future.

‘Grandpa…Nicole is not an ordinary woman!” Zeke shouted after he had mustered up the courage to do so, as he saw how mad and upset Mr.

Guzman Sr. was.

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