The masked man immediately gave orders to the remaining three jets. “Fire together! They can’t dodge all of the missiles!”

The helicopters were almost out of missiles, so Nicole will not have much to use.

If the jets fired together, the chances of hitting them would definitely increase!

The jets obviously knew that things were turning ugly now.

They listened to his orders and fired about seven missiles in one shot.

Janus was stunned when he saw the number of missiles charging toward them. “Mr. and Mrs. Johnston! There are too many missiles!”

Nicole was murderous at this point. “If that’s the case, let’s feast our eyes!”

She quickly pressed the button, commanding all helicopters to fire.

Suddenly, every black helicopter was firing all of its missiles.

The remaining five or six A-grade missiles were targeting the last three jets.

As for the B and C-grade missiles, they targeted themselves!

Soon, the sky was filled with fire and smoke.

All of the black planes and jets did not know who the target was.


The black helicopters were hit one after another.

Smoke filled the sky in an instant.

The masked man heard the co-pilot yelling, “Boss, leave!”

Then, the co-pilot’s plane charged in his direction, taking the blows from the missiles that were originally directed toward the masked man.

BANG! The masked man watched as the co-pilot’s plane crashed before his eyes.

His eyes turned bloodshot.

“Jared! Nicole! I’m going to kill the two of you!”

His little brother was locked up in an Interpol prison. His men were mostly dead.

Even if he died, he was determined to take Nicole and Jared with him!

Jared and Nicole looked out the window calmly.

Most of the black helicopters were destroyed. One after another, they blew up in red flames and fell from the sky.

The remaining three jets were also flying around as they were targeted by the missiles.

Janus was excited. “Sir… We won!”

Jared squinted. He did not want Nicole to see such a gory scene anymore. Since they had won, there was no need for them to stay there.

“Janus, speed up and leave this place.”

“Sure.” Janus nodded and continued, “Look up front! Our troops are probably here! I can see Interpol’s logo!”

Nicole let out a sigh of relief. “Zane’s here. He can get these people later.”

She felt guilty for resigning yesterday, but now that she had helped Zane with two major issues, she felt that she had done her part.


While they were talking, two of the jets were hit in the sky.

The last jet was flying around as he was still being targeted by the missiles. It was bound to lose.

Jared and Nicole thought they were finally at peace.

But the man in the face mask had gone berserk. “Everyone that survived, let’s avenge our brothers! Let’s die with that plane!!!”

The subordinates did not expect their boss to make such an order.

But the remaining pilot in the jet knew that he was going to die, regardless of what he did.

So, he yelled through gritted teeth, “I’m going in!”

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