At this moment, Jared had no other choice but to believe what they said. Suddenly, he lost all his strength and laid on the bed helplessly as his pupils lost focus.

“No. No way…” Jared murmured weakly.

The last moment he had with Nicole kept playing over and over again in his head, yet he could not recall what happened after he fell into the water.

His chest throbbed in pain as he forced himself to be calm. Then, he asked Max, “What about Janus? Have you talked to him?”

Max suddenly kept quiet.

At that moment, Jared realized something.

Mr. Johnston Sr. saw what happened and spoke slowly,” Janus had sacrificed himself…”

Nicole went missing and Janus sacrificed himself. Jared was so shocked that he could hardly catch his breath.

Suddenly, he felt his head spinning and the expression on his face turned extremely unpleasant.

“Mr. Johnston! Do you need a doctor?” Max went to check on Jared worriedly.

Mr. Johnston Sr., Daniel, and Gloria stepped forward too.

Gloria’s heart broke when she looked at Jared. “Jared, calm down. Nicole already went missing… I can’t lose you as well…”

Jared was already like a son to them, and they would be devastated if anything bad happened to him too.

Jared looked at Gloria’s eyes which were red from crying. Then, he tried to comfort her while suppressing his own emotions.

“Mrs. Riddle, I promise I’ll find Nicole. Don’t worry…”

Gloria knew that Jared was just trying to comfort her, but it worked anyway.

“What exactly happened to you guys? Zane personally sent his men to escort you back here and he also got a lot of people to keep you protected.”

There were many reasons that led Mr. Johnston Sr. into thinking that something very serious happened to Jared and Nicole when they were aboard.

Jared looked at Daniel and Gloria, and he knew that he had to give them an explanation.

So, he told them every single thing that had happened.

He told them about how the Raven’s planes attacked them, and they tried their best to escape…

But they crashed anyway.

Gloria cried as soon as she heard that. “Nicole… my child…”

Tears welled up in Daniel’s eyes too. He would never expect that fate would trick Nicole like this after she decided to retire and return to her family.

And now she was missing…

Jared looked at their depressed eyes. His heart felt like it was getting stabbed, painful and torturous.

He looked at Max. “Book a flight for this evening. I’ll go to Ramania to look for her myself!”

Max had updated him about the latest situation.

Zane began searching for them as soon as he arrived at the scene. Although the plane had crashed, there was a certain amount of air inside that slowed it down from sinking into the water after the crash. That was also the reason why Zane’s men could still get Jared out of there.

However, strangely enough, Nicole was not next to Jared.

Between Jared and the other bodyguards, only the people who stayed at the back section of the plane managed to survive. As for Janus… Janus and the bodyguards who were stationed at the other section were all crushed to death under the impact.

The battle was tragic.

However, Jared was able to accept all of it.

But he just could not understand why God had to take Nicole away from him at this time.

She was already pregnant with his baby, and they were going to get married soon!

His heart hurt so much that he struggled to breathe.

The only thing that he wanted to do was to go back to the scene and look for Nicole.

Max looked at Jared and said downheartedly, “Mr. Spears has not been resting for several days, trying to locate Miss Riddle. He even personally led a diving team to search for her. They went looking for her in the nearby waters, and she’s still nowhere to be found…”

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