Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2365

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2365

“Perhaps Bonnie may miraculously wake up after four days instead of dying.” 

Jim sneered at Rosalyn’s question. “Mother, you know I never believe in miracles; those illusory things are a distant concept to me. Moreover…” 

He lowered his eyes while peeking at Butler Fred, who was arranging for the maids to serve the dishes with intention. “I listened to you and asked Christopher to come back. I thought he could help me to manufacture an antidote for Bonnie, but I didn’t expect…” 

He squinted, and there was hatred in his eyes while he looked at Butler Fred. “I didn’t expect someone would use the problem with Christopher’s mental state to trigger his mental illness. Now, Christopher has gone crazy and nearly killed me in the process. A person who has lost their sanity couldn’t possibly manufacture the antidote.” 

Jim closed his eyes and sighed. “If Bonnie dies, I’ll never forgive those people behind all this!” 

At that moment, Luna spotted how Butler Fred trembled slightly. Mickey, who was holding a tray heading toward them, nearly fell as his legs wobbled. If Luna and Joshua were only assuming that Butler Fred and Mickey were the ones who pretended to be Bonnie 

and wrote the letter to Bonnie yesterday, then with the reaction of Butler Fred and Mickey, Luna and Joshua could be certain that their suspicion was correct. 

Butler Fred and Mickey were the ones who wrote that letter to Christopher! 

“Don’t be so negative.” Rosalyn sighed and looked deeply into Jim’s eyes. “Don’t worry; Bonnie won’t die. I can promise you that.” 

However, Jim did not understand the real meaning behind it. “I’ll accept this as your blessing, Mother.” With that, he took the cup of coffee from the table and finished it in one go. 

Soon, the table was full of dishes. 

Rosalyn was right. Butler Fred did prepare a scrumptious family breakfast for all of them. The last time Luna had eaten such a lavish breakfast was one year ago, when she first arrived at the Landry Mansion and reunited with her parents. 

Everyone took a seat at the dining table. 

“Luna, Jim.” Rosalyn sighed as she had her breakfast and looked at Jim and Luna, who were sitting across from her. “I’ve asked you two to come because I have something to tell you two.” Luna furrowed her brows and looked at Rosalyn puzzled.” Go on.” 

“I didn’t let Joshua join us because it was related to the Lynch family.” 

Rosalyn sighed. She took some salad and served it to Luna when another sigh escaped her. “I remembered you saying that the cause of Joshua’s grandmother , Granny Lynch’s death is related to the poison that I had studied to heal your dad’s sickness, correct?” 

Luna’s heart throbbed heavily. “Y-Yes.” 

“This is the thing that I want to talk to you about.” Rosalyn sighed and looked at Luna solemnly. “I was the one who arranged it.”

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