Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2366

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2366

Luna’s hand that hovered over her cutleries froze the second she heard Rosalyn speak. She looked up and was dumbfounded by what Rosalyn said. Her face was so stiff that she could not force her expression to fall into normalcy. 

‘How is that possible? From the investigation result Joshua received, the people behind it were Butler Fred and Mickey. The timing matches when Granny Lynch was poisoned, and Mickey left Landry Mansion to go back to his hometown. I refuse to believe that Mother was the one who did it.’ Luna thought and she raised her head subconsciously to look at Butler Fred and Mickey. 

Perhaps Butler Fred never thought Luna would suddenly look at him because all this while, he stared at Rosalyn with a peculiarly pleasant gaze as though elated his plan had worked. Suddenly, he sensed that Luna was looking at him, and he quickly turned his body slightly to meet Luna’s eyes. 

He was caught off-guard for only a moment before he offered her a flattering smile, one that made Luna feel uneasy. 

She took a deep breath and bit her lip before she lowered her head to continue her breakfast. 

Jim looked at Rosalyn as he curled up his lips remotely.” 

Mother, I know you’re a kind woman. Maybe you’d take the blame for the things that you didn’t do and put it on yourself for some reason, but…” 

Jim looked at Luna, then at Butler Fred, and finally gazed at Rosalyn once more. “In this case, I hope you won’t take the blame for this because you have a soft heart. Think about it…” 

He paused for a while. “Granny Lynch is Joshua’s grandmother and my biological mother’s mother. We didn’t want to pursue this further because you’re my foster mother and Luna’s mother. Yes, the poison that Granny Lynch had is somehow related to you, but we’re not willing to talk about this when we haven’t investigated the truth behind it, so I don’t understand why you’re doing this now.” 

He sneered, and for once, he was less respectful to Rosalyn. “Are you insisting on taking the blame and making me and Luna feel embarrassed? Or are you trying to sabotage the relationship between Luna and Joshua because you think they’re now in a good stage?” 

Rosalyn nearly dropped the cutleries she was holding as she felt how sharp and ruthless these questions were aimed at her. Although she knew and understood why Jim would ask those questions, but… 

She took a deep breath. “I just want to tell you the truth, that’s all. If you still think of me as your mother, think of our family, then don’t ever talk about this anymore. Let it 

rot in hell. But if you insist on investigating it, then let it be known that I was the one who did it. It had nothing to do with anyone else.” 

Luna could not help but make eye contact with Jim. Both of them understood the situation very clearly. 

Rosalyn would not have brought this up inexplicably; someone must have talked her into it. Thus, summing up how Butler Fred and Mickey took the time to prepare breakfast today… 

Luna had every right to suspect that Butler Fred and Mickey must have known that Joshua and Jim were investigating the truth. They realized that the truth would unveil soon, so they deliberately went to Rosalyn to have this moment. 

Rosalyn was a kind woman and placed immense trust in Butler Fred and Mickey. As long as they played the pity game with crocodile tears and said something to persuade her, Rosalyn would not bear to punish them, thus shouldering the blame entirely on her own.

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