Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2367

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2367

Going through all those thoughts internally, Luna secretly pressed the mic on her collar and communicated with Joshua. “What should we do?” 

Joshua’s calm, steady voice was heard from the concealed earbud. “I think we were too late; they’ve taken a step ahead of us. Still, it’s okay.” 

His low voice was very remote. “Mother-in-law would never discover Butler Fred and Mickey’s real identities if they don’t fool her once. Just follow the things I say, and don’t hint at Jim. I’m sure he’ll understand what we’re trying to get at.” 

Luna bit her lip. “Alright.” 

Joshua’s voice slowly rang in the earbud, and Luna was stunned when she finished listening to Joshua’s plan. 

She subconsciously turned to look at Jim, and moments later, she inhaled deeply and glared at him. “What are you trying to get at, Jim? Are you saying our mother isn’t the mastermind ? That she’s framed? Who’d dare frame our mother?” 

Jim furrowed his brow tightly at Luna’s abnormal reaction. He believed Luna knew the truth, that there was no reason for Joshua to keep it a secret from his wife if he had already told Jim. 

However, from Luna’s reaction, he felt he had never really understood Luna. 

By right, Luna should be siding with him, targeting their common enemies and revealing Butler Fred and Mickey’s true colors. Why was she siding with Rosalyn and helping Butler Fred and Mickey all of a sudden? 

Looking at Jim’s shock-filled gaze, Luna knew Joshua was wrong. Jim did not guess her real purpose and even thought that she had changed. However, she could not possibly tell Jim the truth at this point. 

She sneered while looking at Jim. “Why? Cat got your tongue? Or you can’t think of any other excuses?” She looked at Jim remotely in a glance and then looked at Rosalyn again. “Just ignore him, Mother. Let’s continue with our breakfast. It’s been a long time since we’ve gathered.” 

She even helped to place more food onto Rosalyn’s plate. 

However, before Luna could finish placing the food onto Rosalyn’s plate, Jim curled up his lips coldly and slammed his cutleries onto the table. 

“What are you saying, Luna? Don’t forget that Granny Lynch is Joshua’s grandmother! If you want to be with Joshua, you shouldn’t allow Mother to take this fault! 

“Do you think there isn’t enough misunderstanding and conflicts between you and Joshua?” 

Luna snorted at Jim’s outburst as she, too, slammed her cutleries to the table. “Jim Landry, I hope you’ll remember the torment your grandmother, Granny Lynch, had done to us!”

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