Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2368

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2368

“Do you really think Granny Lynch isn’t guilty of Uncle Colin Landry’s death, even when the Quinn family had instigated everything? How many times has our business nearly entered into bankruptcy because of the Lynch family? Which of these had nothing to do with Granny Lynch? 

“She even sent an assassin to kill Father and Mother! Mother only sent someone to poison her in Banyan City, and she didn’t die right away. Granny Lynch even lived for many years ahead even after being poisoned , didn’t she?” 

Luna sneered halfway through the conversation. “Now that the feud between our family and the Lynch family is solved, are you not willing to admit the things that happened? If Mother said she did it, then she did it. No one is worthy enough that Mother would shoulder the blame for them, isn’t that right?” 

She looked at Rosalyn’s face seriously. “Mother, am I right?” 

Rosalyn’s face looked terrible as she looked at Luna’s sincere face. Somehow, she managed to muster a weak smile. “That’s right, Luna. No one in this world is worthy of me to take the blame for them, so yes, I was the one who did it.” 

After that, she looked at Butler Fred and pushed her wheelchair to Luna, grabbing her hands gently. “Thank you for believing in me.” 

Luna curled her lips into a smile. “Mother, you don’t have to thank me. I’m your daughter.” 

After that, she looked at Jim wordlessly. Despite her silence, however, her eyes reflected her thoughts with vicious intent. 

Thus, Jim sneered and stood up. His movement was so rough that the chair behind him dropped to the floor. However, Jim did not care and just walked away, bypassing the chair. 

When he reached the door to the dining room, he sneered without turning back. “After all, the three of you are the real family. I’ve always been an outsider.” 

He smiled coldly. “No matter how hard I try to fit in, no matter how hard I worked, to you, I was just a b*stard from the Lynch family. If that’s the case, I won’t be coming here anymore. I’ve found my mother’s grave, met my half-brother, and I got Joshua with me, too. I have no reason to return here anymore.” 

With that, Jim left, his legs taking him in large strides. 

Rosalyn looked at Jim’s back and bit her lip. “Jim…” 

“I’ll go take a look.” Charles sighed and went after Jim, noticing the look of panic on Rosalyn’s face. No matter 

what happened, Jim would also be his son. 

If Jim had a conflict with Rosalyn and Luna, he should be the middleman. 

“Father!” After just taking a few steps, however, Luna stopped Charles from leaving. She lowered her head and continued to have her breakfast while looking at Jim’s retreating form remotely. “Don’t go after him. He already said he’s not a Landry, so he won’t come back here anymore. Why do you need to go after him? It’ll be just a waste of time and energy.” 

Luna then continued to enjoy her breakfast and urged Rosalyn and Charles to continue eating, much to Charles’ bewilderment. 

He looked at Luna, puzzled , before he gazed at Rosalyn again. ‘What’s going on? Luna and Jim weren’t like this before at all!

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