Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2369

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2369

‘How did it turn out like this? They were only back for just a bit,’ Charles thought.

It was just yesterday that Luna posted a photo of her, Jim, and Bonnie on her social media account. She even wrote a post, hoping that Bonnie would wake up quickly so her dearest brother would no longer be alone. How did this’ dearest brother’ become an outsider just overnight?

Charles sighed as he looked at Rosalyn. Finally, he sat back down on the chair. It was not that he listened to Luna and decided not to go after Jim, but he remembered how Jim never wanted anyone to show up to him when he was in a bad mood, so it was not a good choice to go look after Jim right now. It was better to leave him alone.

The breakfast was awkward after the little fight they had. Everyone entertained their thoughts and was rather absent-minded during their meal.

After breakfast , Charles suggested bringing Rosalyn to the garden for a walk to ease her mood. “I’ll go with Luna. You can go ahead and do whatever you wish.” Rosalyn rejected his offer with a smile and waved her hand at Luna. “Do you mind accompanying me for a while?”

Luna was stunned but nonetheless nodded. She went behind Rosalyn and gently pushed her wheelchair as they made their way to the garden.

“You two, come with us,” instructed Rosalyn faintly when they walked past Butler Fred and Mickey.

Butler Fred and Mickey looked at each other and followed Luna and Rosalyn to the garden behind the mansion, their expressions looking rather sour.

Rosalyn, seated in the wheelchair, gazed at the man made mountain and stream, her lips curled into a faint smile. “I’m grateful, Luna. Thank you for believing in me. “She looked at the mountain, which was at a far distance, while her thoughts seemed to fly over the fake mountain to a place far far away.

“I know my excuse was very lame today. You might also wonder why won’t I admit it previously if I was the one who did it, right?” asked Rosalyn.

Luna stayed silent. That was until she took a deep breath and looked at Rosalyn’s face. “Yes.”

To Luna, Rosalyn was an honest and truthful person. If Rosalyn was the one who did it, she would have admitted it long ago instead of waiting to come clean on this day.

“You still choose to believe me.” Rosalyn sighed. She reached out her hand to grab Luna’s hand. “I’m very grateful for the trust that you have in me, but…”

She closed her eyes. “I let you down. I lied.”

Luna bit her lip and said with a hoarse voice, “Then… what did you lie about?”

“I think you know what I mean.” Rosalyn smiled faintly as she then turned to look at Butler Fred and Mickey, who both stood behind her. “You two! It’s about time for you to tell the truth.”

Butler Fred and Mickey kneeled at the same time, with Butler Fred burying his head into his arms.

“Mickey and I did it, but…” He sighed while speaking remorsefully and self-deprecatingly , “There’s a reason why we did it.

“On that year, Ma’am, during a time she was intoxicated, said she wanted to poison Granny Lynch.” .

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