Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2370

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2370

Butler Fred‘s voice became hoarse and smoky as he continued, “Ma‘am has always been a person of her word. Since she said she wanted to poison Granny Lynch when she was drunk, I thought she meant it for real. Hence…” 

Butler Fred stayed quiet for a moment and looked deeply into Luna‘s eyes. “Hence, Mickey and I had followed through with her order secretly. After many years, Ma‘am had never asked us about the process of poison, and we, in turn, never reported back to her. After all, it was an offensive and harmful thing.” 

Luna‘s face turned pale instantly after listening to Butler Fred‘s explanation as she quietly wrung her hands together under the table. Shivers ran across her skin. 

‘So…that‘s the truth? Is this all there is to it? Mother was the one who said she wanted to poison Granny Lynch to Butler Fred and Mickey when she was drunk, so that‘s why they…. Luna‘s head could not process the truth. 

“Don‘t fall prey to their words so easily,” rang Joshua‘s voice from the concealed earbud just as Luna nearly fell into the answer. “If it happened as Butler Fred said, they only followed the order from your mother‘s drunken words. What evidence do they have to prove it?” Luna‘s heart felt less burdened upon hearing this. 

She took a deep breath and looked at Butler Fred and Mickey. “Butler Fred, I know you‘re very loyal to the family, but I can‘t believe your words solely like that. You said you did what you did because my mother ordered you and Mickey to poison Granny Lynch when she was drunk, but do you have evidence to prove it? If there‘s no evidence, I‘d assume you‘re just saying things.” 

The air in the garden suddenly grew dense as Butler Fred, Mickey, and Rosalyn looked at Luna together in disbelief. First of all, Rosalyn never expected Luna to request evidence from Butler Fred and Mickey. Secondly, Butler Fred and Mickey never thought Luna could be so sensitive with details. 

After a moment of silence, Rosalyn was the one to break the ice, “Luna, Butler Fred and Mickey have been working for us for nearly thirty years. They‘ve proven their loyalty to me and never did anything bad to me. I believe that they wouldn‘t fabricate the truth out of thin air. After all… 

Rosalyn sighed. “More than twenty years ago, I had a hard time due to your father‘s illness and you being lost. During that time, Granny Lynch was relentless with the attacks to destroy the Landry Group. I was very tired at that time, so there‘s a possibility that I might‘ve said something about killing Granny Lynch.” 

After all these years, Rosalyn had never doubted Butler Fred and Mickey‘s loyalty. They had been with her through all kinds of experiences all these years. Thus, no matter what happened , she would never suspect them. 

However, Luna did not think so. 

She took a deep breath. “I only believe the evidence when I see it. Words can be fabricated, and without any evidence, Butler Fred can just say that he only killed a person because it was an order from you or even Father. I won‘t believe him just because he said that is the truth.” 

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