Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2371

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2371

 Butler Fred squinted sharply after listening to Luna‘s words. “I‘m impressed. Ms. Luna is no doubt the sole heir of the Landry family. You‘re so calm with the sharp observation that scares many people.” 

After a sigh, he took out a recording device from his pocket. “Of course, Ms. Luna has the right to suspect me. How would I dare try to ruin Ma‘am‘s reputation without the evidence?” 

He walked toward Luna and bowed respectfully at her while placing the recording device in Luna’s hand. “You can play the recording. If you still think I was talking nonsense after listening to it, there‘s nothing more I can say.” 

Luna furrowed her eyebrows and squeezed the recording device tightly. She looked at the device in her as her heart pounded faster. All this time, she thought that Butler Fred and Mickey did not have any evidence to prove the things they said. Just as Joshua said, if they were unable to present any evidence, Rosalyn would not be able to take the fault. However…this recording device was obviously the evidence that Butler Fred prepared. 

Luna‘s finger hovered over the play button, but her heart resisted her from pressing it. 

She was scared. She was scared to hear Rosalyn‘s voice from the recording device when she played the audio. She was scared to find out that Rosalyn truly was the one behind Granny Lynch‘s death. 

If that was the case, then she would not know how to face Joshua . Jim would have a hard time knowing the truth, 


“Press it.” Even though Joshua was far from Luna, he could hear Luna‘s heavy breathing from the mic. He knew what she was scared of and why she was hesitating , but there were some truths that one could not just run away from. 

Luna bit her lip as she heard Joshua coaxing her. As she gritted her teeth, she finally played the audio. 

“Tell me, Butler Fred: how can Granny Lynch be so cruel? Is she still unsatisfied with what she did to us and how hard we‘re trying to get by now? 

“You‘re right – you’re absolutely right. If it weren‘t for her, I wouldn‘t be in this situation now. I wouldn‘t even have lost my daughter in the first place! Butler Fred, is there any way to make this old woman disappear forever? ” rang the voice of a younger Rosalyn from the device. The audio continued. 

“The medicine that I used to treat Charles could do the job. We just need to give it to her, little by little, and she‘ll 

“Butler Fred, I‘m counting on you. I‘m counting on both you and Mickey. There‘s something that I just can‘t bear to do myself.” 

Luna felt devastated, and it felt as though her heart was grabbed by an invisible giant hand in a vice–like grip. 

She was right. As expected, it was Rosalyn‘s idea. Although she did not know what happened in the end, her mother was the main culprit. If she did not tell Butler Fred about the medicine, had she not told Butler Fred to get rid of Granny Lynch, everything else would not have happened. 

Butler Fred would not poison Granny Lynch, and Granny Lynch would not have… 

Having those thoughts in her mind, Luna shut her eyes. vision of the last hours Granny Lynch was alive appeared in Luna’s mind. 

Even until the last moment of her life, Granny Lynch left the only antidote to Nellie. While she could be a wicked woman sometimes, she was just paranoid and persistent to seek revenge for her daughter all these years. Luna sighed as she thought of those. 

Just as she was about to say something, she heard Joshua‘s voice from the earbud. 

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