Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2372

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2372

“Luna, from now on, don‘t believe anything they say and just listen to me. You just have to repeat the things I’ll say, alright?” Joshua sounded anxious as he talked gently. “I still don‘t believe your mother would say those things, not even if she was drunk, so please don‘t be disappointed in her, and don‘t think that you can‘t face me. Do you hear me? 

“Even if it was your mother‘s idea, it was influenced by the feud from the previous generation. It had nothing to do with you.” 

Luna shut her eyes and bitterly smiled. ‘Is that so? Does the feud from the previous generation have nothing to do with me and Joshua at all? If it is that easy to let go of the feud between them, then why does Joshua have to live with me in Merchant City for more than a year? Why did Joshua want to settle the deal with the Landry family and the Quinn family? Why did Joshua have to leave again and again?‘ 

The reason why they were back together was not that their love for each other was bigger than the feud between their families. They knew the feud happened because of the Quinn family, and everything else happened because the Quinn family meddled in them. However, what about when Rosalyn tried to kill Granny Lynch? Did the Quinn family place their foot in it, too? No. Based on the evidence from Butler Fred, it had nothing to do with the Quinn family. It was just an idea that Rosalyn had, and Butler Fred and Mickey did it for her. 

Could Joshua and Luna start all over with a clean slate? She did not know the answer herself. What she knew was when Rosalyn said it, when she asked Butler Fred and Mickey to do it…the Lynch family had only been attacking the Landry family business–wise. 

Even if Granny Lynch did add insult to injury when the Landry family was at its lowest, it was the reason for Rosalyn to kill Granny Lynch. 

“Luna.” Joshua had probably guessed what Luna was thinking. His voice became more anxious from the earbud. “Listen to me. If you believe in me–if you love me… Don‘t listen and believe anything they say. Just listen to me. 

“We‘ve been together for such a long time. I can solve everything. Please, can you believe in me this time, too?” 

It was rare that Joshua would say such things to Luna. As she listened to Joshua‘s gentle voice, she bit her lip as she gathered her resolution. 

After a while, she lifted her head to look at Rosalyn and Butler Fred. “So, both of you really conspire together to kill Granny Lynch?” 

In fact, it was not necessary to ask that question anymore. The recording device in Luna‘s hand had explained everything. 

Rosalyn shut her eyes and leaned back on the wheelchair tiredly. Her voice sounded somewhat bitter as she replied, “I think that‘s correct. I was very intoxicated at that time, too. When I woke up, I didn‘t remember anything I said. Maybe it was just something I said because I was drunk. However, Butler Fred and Mickey thought I was serious, hence why someone died.” 

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