Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2373

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2373

Rosalyn then opened her eyes and looked at Luna apologetically. “Luna, I only knew about it today. Butler Fred told me that you, Joshua, and Jim were investigating the truth behind Granny Lynch’s death, and that was why I called you so urgently this morning and refused to let Joshua tag along. I wanted you to know the truth.”

She meaningfully stared into Luna’s eyes. “Ask Joshua to stop the investigation. I’m the culprit behind it. If he continues to investigate , he’ll discover that Butler Fred and Mickey were the ones that…

“But Butler Fred only did what I told him to. They’re not bad people, and they’ve been working for us for so long. At the very least, they deserve the credit for their efforts.”

Luna squinted at this as she slowly pieced the information.

Butler Fred and Mickey found out that Joshua, Jim, and her were investigating it, so they told Rosalyn in advance and had Rosalyn take all the blame so Joshua , Jim, and her would give up on the investigation.

It was a good plan that Butler Fred had come up with.

First of all, this plan would please Luna. Secondly, he had Rosalyn take the fault of being the culprit and let her plead on their behalf. With that, the reason why Butler Fred and Mickey poison Granny Lynch would once again become an incident that happened because of the feud between the Landry family and the Lynch family. Luna sneered when she thought of all this. She turned her head to look at Rosalyn. “Alright , Mother , I’ll listen to you. Once I return home, I’ll have Joshua stop the investigation.”

Then, she looked at Butler Fred and Mickey ruthlessly.” You two truly are loyal to my mother. Not only did you remember everything my mother said to you while she was drunk, but you even executed it and recorded her words to prove your innocence today. I’m impressed with your thoughtfulness.”

Butler Fred and Mickey’s expressions faltered upon hearing Luna’s contemptuous words.

Butler Fred bit his lip and looked at Luna silently. “Ms. Luna, I’m sure you don’t know this, but there were too many moles in the mansion during that time, so I had the habit of bringing the recording device with me at all times. I didn’t deliberately record Ma’am’s words; it was just a habit I had.”

After that, he turned around to look at Rosalyn. “Ma’am, I’m sure you can testify for me.”

Rosalyn sighed and nodded immediately, “Yes. During that period, everyone was in a state of extreme nervousness. It wasn’t just him, but most of the maids in the house had a recording device with them. I was the one who requested it because I wanted to know who harbored negative intentions against the family back then.”

Lastly, she took a deep look at Luna. “Luna, I’m telling you the truth now because I don’t want you, Butler Fred, and Mickey to have any conflict. On the contrary, I hope all of you can face the common enemy together and manage our house.

“Butler Fred had a long talk with me last night. You’ll be the one to inherit the Landry family and the business. Your brother, Jim, has already started to be unfaithful to the family.”

Luna furrowed her eyebrows tightly by what Rosalyn said. She looked at Rosalyn , then at Butler Fred, and then at Mickey with stone-cold eyes.

Finally, she sneered and leaned on the pillar of the pavilion while looking at the three of them with cold eyes. “Butler Fred, I wonder how you brainwashed my mother that she actually listened to your every word. Jim, unfaithful? Who said that?”

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