Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2374

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2374

Rosalyn‘s face scrunched upon hearing Luna‘s words, her back straightening against the wheelchair as she glared at Luna. Her hands balled tightly into fists as she slammed one against the armrest of the wheelchair. “What nonsense are you talking about, Luna? How did Butler Fred brainwash me? I meant everything that I said. Jim always has been unfaithful, but you were never aware of it!” 

She reached out her hand at Mickey in anger. “Give it to me. I want to show it to her!” 

Mickey sighed and opened the briefcase full of documents that he was holding. 

Rosalyn took a deep breath. After she had the documents, she slapped them at the stone table in the pavilion. “Have a good look at it. If Jim is that loyal to us, then he’d treat everything in the family as his own. But what is this?” 

Rosalyn sneered and looked at Luna as she sneered, “How long have you known Jim? When he used up the tricks in his sleeve to force other companies into bankruptcy, you never knew him!” 

Luna furrowed her eyebrows. She took a deep breath and took the documents to read them. The information in these papers, however, stunned her. 

These papers detailed how Jim used the money from their family to build up his career. Outside of the Landry Group, Jim owned more than 10 companies, and some of them were huge companies with famous brands that Luna had heard of before. 

Each of the companies started with the money from one account. That account…was the family account. 

It was the account that Charles and Rosalyn had specially opened for Jim. That money in the account was the profit from Landry Group. 

Luna looked at the documents and stepped back at a pace in disbelief. ‘How…could that be? Jim really started with a different plan from the very beginning? He… never treated us as his real family? If that wasn‘t the case, then what‘s the explanation for these?‘ 

During these two years, the Landry family faced serious trouble. Under the attacks from Joshua and the disasters caused by Malcolm and Heather , Landry Group had not once but many times been on the brink of bankruptcy. 

However, Jim had owned many properties and wealth overseas. 

The amount of his net worth had exceeded the entire family, yet not once had Jim proposed to help the family with that money. 

Luna bit her lip, and her hand started to tremble. She looked at Rosalyn, and then at Butler Fred. “You… You knew it all along.” 

“Yes.” Butler Fred took a deep breath and looked at Luna solemnly. “I was well aware when Young Master Landry did it, but at that time, I truly believed that he was the future heir of the family. That was until you came back. 

“I then realized that it is you who should be the one to lead the family in the future.” 

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