Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2375

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2375

“After all the outrageous things Young Master Landry did, I finally decided to give all of these documents to Ma‘am,” explained Butler Fred. 

Luna bit her lip harshly. She looked at Butler Fred as she tried to come up with something to argue with, but she came up empty. In fact, she was made clear. 

Before she came back, Butler Fred knew that Jim had his own career outside the Landry Group but never exposed Jim, and it was not because he trusted Jim, but instead… 

At that time, Butler Fred knew that Heather could never defeat Jim, and sooner or later, Jim would take charge of the family. Thus, Butler Fred never thought of telling Rosalyn about it and had only hidden those documents. 

In that case, when Jim was in charge of the household, he would have leverage on Jim, and Jim would have to keep him and his son working in the mansion. They showed the documents to Rosalyn now and had Rosalyn show them to Luna because at this moment, Butler Fred and Mickey thought that Luna, the biological daughter of Rosalyn and Charles, was confirmed to be the one in charge of the family in the future. 

Moreover, more than a year ago, when Luna had just returned to the mansion, Butler Fred and Mickey bore no strong allegiance toward her. The only reason they treated her better was that they knew the feud between the Landry family and the Lynch Family was resolved and she had gotten back together with Joshua, so they thought that Luna would have the advantage while going against Jim. 

That was why they were so eager to please her and had Jim removed from the family. 

Luna took a deep breath and put down the documents. 

She looked at Butler Fred and Mickey. “So, you‘ve been hiding these documents for six years, have you? Butler Fred, you truly are a fan of collecting things. You‘ve hidden the recording to prove my mother was the one who ordered you to kill Granny Lynch for more than twenty years, while the evidence to prove Jim was unfaithful to the family was kept hidden for six years.” 

She smirked. “What about me? Do you have any leverage on me right now? How long do you intend to hide it before showing it to another person?” 

Butler Fred and Mickey‘s expressions turned ugly upon hearing Luna‘s scathing words. 

Rosalyn furrowed her eyebrows, and her eyes were filled with anger. “Luna! What are you talking about? They‘ve been by my side for many years and have been nothing but loyal to the family. You‘re hurting and disappointing them by saying these things!” “Mother, you’re the one hurting and disappointing me now.” Luna took a deep breath and glared at Rosalyn.” You insisted on taking the blame for being the culprit who killed Granny Lynch. You know that once Joshua, Jim, and I find out that they were the ones that killed Granny Lynch, we‘d kick them out of the house and even send them to jail. That‘s why you took the blame, right?” 

Rosalyn visibly blanched at this, and she quickly turned away, refusing to look at Luna. 

Luna sneered as she looked at Rosalyn‘s side profile and said remotely, “I‘m your daughter. You know that Joshua and I are in love with each other, and you know we have four kids together. You know we can’t be apart from each other. 

“When you made that decision , have you ever thought that your daughter‘s marriage may be affected by it? No! You only care about your loyal servants—whether Butler Fred and Mickey can have the chance to stay in the family! 

“But he has the evidence!” Rosalyn clenched her fists tightly and looked at Luna angrily. “You heard the recording, didn‘t you?” 

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