Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2921

Chapter 2921 

“Don’t worry.” 

Frowning, Joshua approached Luna and hugged her to ease her nerves. “The wedding is starting in less than three hours, so we’ll need to head there first. Once we settle things with Adrian, I’ll bring you to go look for Anne, alright?” 

The doctor mentioned it was necessary to keep Luna in the dark about Anne’s death. Thus, he was not about to inform Luna about what happened to Anne yet. 

“No.” She bit her lip and extended her arms, wrapping them around Joshua’s body. She feebly. said, “For some reason, I’m worried about her. I feel like I’ve forgotten something, and it’s related to her.” 

She looked up. “Joshua, can you please bring me to her? I’ll only feel okay when I see her with my own eyes. 

Joshua’s face looked terrible after hearing that. ‘Anne is…” 

“I have a better idea.” After a moment of silence, he said, “I’ll send people to Anne’s house for protection. After we’re done at Adrian’s wedding, I’ll bring you to her right away.” 

Frankly, Joshua did not know what to do with Luna’s current situation, but he knew he could never let her know that Anne was dead. He tried to use the wedding as an excuse to hold her off while he tried to contact Theo and everyone in Merchant City to see if Rachel or Rosalyn could help minimize the effect of Anne’s death on Luna. 

“Why?” Luna looked at Joshua, unable to comprehend his thoughts. “Isn’t it easier if we just look for them?” 

Luna did not understand why Joshua wanted to send people over to protect Anne and her family now only visiting them after the wedding. 

“Because…” Joshua kept quiet for a while. “Because we don’t have enough time. I want to bring you to buy a gown and have your makeup. I’m sure you don’t want to show up at the wedding with an ugly look.” 

Luna fell quiet after hearing that. She then looked down at herself-her outfit, to be exact. 

At this moment, she was still wearing the clothes she was wearing when she came from Saigen City, and it was indeed inappropriate to attend the wedding in this attire even though she was attending Adrian’s wedding. 

She took a deep breath and finally nodded to show she agreed with Joshua’s suggestion. Alright, we’ll go buy a gown now. I want to meet Anne beautifully after the wedding ends. And 

She bit her lip and said with uncertainty, “Nothing will happen to them in this city right?” ‘Especially since they’ve lived in this city for so many years,’ she thought. 

Joshua was stunned. 

After a while, he nodded while suppressing the sorrow in his heart. “Yes. Nothing…nothing. bad is going to happen to them.” 

“Okay!” Luna took a deep breath after hearing Joshua’s reassurance. She then grabbed his arm and said, “Let’s go.” 

Joshua nodded and strode out of the hospital with her. While they were on the way to the clothing store, Luna looked outside the window and said, “I remember I left this city because Malcolm caught me. Look how long it’s been since then.” 

Joshua responded softly. He was busy sending messages to Lucas to get him to contact Rosalyn and Rachel. 

Suddenly, he received a message from Jude. 

[I went to the hospital with Ms. Chance, John is missing, and so is Anne’s body. I went to their house and discovered their child was taken away, too.) 

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