The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2193

Chapter 2193

James walked out of the palace, while the others followed close behind.

James gazed at the weirdly-shaped airships in the distance. They were the size of mountains, and everyone could not help but marvel at the majesty of the armada.

“What the…”

James furrowed his eyebrows.

However, he was not surprised upon seeing the airships, considering that Earth’s environment had changed drastically. From the exterior and structure of the airships, they must have come from the Sealed Realms.

He was puzzled why anyone would come knocking on his doors.

“What’s going on?”

“Those must be airships from the Sealed Realms.”

“I’d say those are magic treasures rather than airships. I heard from cultivators from other Sealed Realms that airships like these can shrink in size whenever the user wills it.

Many conversed in whispers.

“Is James Caden here?”

An oppressive voice boomed as an elderly man appeared on the airship at the very front. He was wearing a flamboyant robe and a golden belt on his waist. Standing on the airship, he glanced downward at Wyrmstead Palace.

James stepped forward and said, “I’m James Caden. May I know who you are and your purpose of visit?”

“I’m Yuvaan Zymir, the Sect Elder of the Divinity Sect of the Ancient Realm.”

His voice boomed.

Quincy whispered, “I’ve heard of the Ancient Realm, James. Over the past few years, Wyrmstead has been collecting information on the Sealed Realms. Meanwhile, the Ancient Realm is the highest-ranked Sealed Realm.”

Upon hearing this, James had a bad feeling about Yuvaan’s visit.

He said, “Ahh, so you must be the well-renowned Mr. Zymir. May I know what brings you here to Wyrmstead?”

Yuvaan said coldly, “James Caden, as a descendant of sinners, not only did you not repent, but you even cultivated the Demonic Arts. So, I’ve come here today to exterminate you.”

His voice boomed.

“I’ll give you two options. One, you admit to your sins and commit honorable suicide. Two, I’ll wipe Wyrmstead off the map and annihilate you.”

Hearing this, James’ face darkened.

Glaring at the airship in the sky, he furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Don’t cross the line, Sir.

You have no evidence to support your claims that I’ve been cultivating the Demonic Arts. Besides, even if I did cultivate them, you have no right to pass judgment.

Though James knew that the Ancient Realm was the most powerful world among the three thousand Sealed Realms, he had no idea how strong the Divinity Sect was. However, based on what he was seeing, the Divinity Sect was not a force to be reckoned with.

Regardless, he was unafraid. After all, since the enemy was already at his doorstep, he could not show any weakness.


Yuvaan burst into a peal of laughter. “The Divinity Sect has every right to pass judgment on you! Don’t blame me for this, James, but the descendants of sinners have no right to live.

“However, I promise you that I won’t harm the innocent.

“I’ll give you three days to think about this. Three days later, come to the Divinity Sect on Mount Bane and repent your sins. Then, I’ll finish you off before the public. Otherwise, I’ll exterminate all earthlings starting from Wyrmstead.

“Pull back!”

As Yuvaan’s voice reverberated throughout the area, the airships retreated and soon disappeared from view.

James’ expression was unusually solemn.

“What should we do now, James?” Quincy tugged at James’ sleeves.

James took a deep breath and said, “It’s alright. I still have three days.”

Then, he headed to the palace’s courtyard and entered the Celestial Abode.

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