The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2195

Chapter 2195

Since Sophie was unwilling to lend James a helping hand, he had no choice but to flee. However, where could he escape to?

He knew that the Ancient Realm was the most powerful world among the three thousand Sealed Realms. As the Divinity Sect was a powerful sect, its Sect Elder must have possessed great strength as well. Such a person could easily find him.

After leaving Wyrmstead, James created a human mask and modified his appearance.

At the same time, on Mount Bane…

Many people gathered in the main hall of the Divinity Sect, which was on a mountain that came from the Sealed Realms. This mountain had been occupied by the Divinity Sect of the Ancient Realm and made a sect.

In its lead was Yuvaan Zymir, the Sect Elder of the Divinity Sect, and before him were a few middle-aged men.

“What kind of providence did James obtain? How did he manage to cultivate such a terrifying cultivation method?”

Someone asked puzzledly.

Yuvaan smiled faintly and said, “In any case, his Sacrilegious Ascension cultivation method is mine. Not only that, but I’ll have his physical body and become immortal.”

“But, will he really come here?” Someone asked.

Yuvaan smiled and said, “He will. Based on my information, he has the safety of the earthlings on his mind. By threatening to annihilate them, he’ll definitely obey my command.”

“How wise of you!”

“You’re a genius!”

Many sucked up to Yuvaan.

Soon, three days passed, and James was nowhere to be seen.

Yuvaan was enraged. As the Ancient Realm’s Divinity Sect’s Sect Leader, he went to great lengths to traverse through the seal and arrive on Earth. Upon his arrival, he immediately found out about James’ Sacrilegious Ascension and his invincible physical body. That was why he led the Divinity Army to Wyrmstead. He only coveted James’ secret arts and had no interest in exterminating him. Otherwise, he would not have given him three days to consider.

“That James! Is he trying to provoke me?”

Yuvaan roared.

“Men, mobilize the army and annihilate Wyrmstead!”

He ordered.

“Sect Elder!”

“Don’t act rashly, Sect Elder.

Although the earthlings are weak, there are powerful figures hidden on Earth. If we provoke them unnecessarily, it would bring about disastrous consequences to the sect.”

“Indeed, please reconsider your decision!”

“Sect Elder, James is a loving man who cherishes his wife and daughter. In my opinion, we should abduct them and force him to show up.”

Many gave their thoughts.

Yuvaan took a deep breath and calmed down.

He knew there were powerful figures hidden on Earth.

Wearing a surly expression, he said, “In that case, I want you to abduct his family. If he doesn’t show up, I’ll slaughter them all!!

Although they could not go about wiping countries off the map, murdering a few innocent lives should not incur the wrath of the powerful figures hidden on Earth.


Having been given an order, the disciples immediately made haste and headed to Wyrmstead to abduct Thea. A few others headed to Cansington to abduct Winnie and the Callahans.

At the same time, James had changed his appearance. He headed to Cansington and watched Winnie in secret. Seeing that she was safe, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After leaving the Callahans and walking on the busy streets, he suddenly felt rudderless. Troubles had begun popping out even before the seal was undone. What would happen to Earth once the three thousand Sealed Realms merged with Earth?

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