The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2196

Chapter 2196

James did not dare imagine.

Then, he entered a bar.

As it was now evening, deafening music could be heard blasting from inside the bar.

Although the Calamity had appeared, the situation on Earth had stabilized. Those who succumbed to the viruses perished, and those who survived gained immunity.

Such was the nature of humans. They would indulge themselves to the fullest extent for nothing.

As James had not been to a bar for many years and did not have anywhere else to go at the moment, he entered the bar and ordered a few bottles of wine.

As he drank, his gaze was fixed on the women on the dance floor.

At that moment, his resolve wavered.

He had sacrificed a great deal to protect the humans on Earth. However, everyone only cared about indulging themselves. As the old saying goes, courtesans perceived not the sorrow of a perished empire.

As he drank, it was the first time he felt truly lost.

Once reaching a certain realm, he could not get drunk no matter how much he drank. After staying there for a while, he left and found an inn to stay in.

The night passed silently.

The next day…

James got up from the bed and opened the windows, allowing the warm sunlight to caress his skin. Then, he pulled out his phone and logged into the Martial Arts Forum, curious to see what was going on in the outside world.

The moment he logged into the forum, he could see a top thread that concerned him.

He had a bad feeling about this.

As he tapped on the thread, pictures of Thea, Winnie, and the Callahans being abducted were shown.

[James, I demand you appear at the Divinity Sect on Mount Bane within a week. Otherwise, be prepared to say goodbye to your wife, daughter, and your family.]

There was even a message at the bottom of the thread.

Upon seeing this, James clenched his fists as green veins popped out from his neck. He cursed, “Despicable!”

He was enraged. He never expected the sect of the most powerful Sealed Realm to resort to such an underhanded tactic.

He knew that he would lose his life if he obeyed. However, he did not have a choice.

Hence, he hurriedly left Cansington and returned to Mount Bane.

The Divinity Sect had been spreading the message far and wide. As news of the abduction spread, many earthlings cursed the Divinity Sect in secret. After all, they stood no chance against a sect from the most powerful Sealed Realm.

A man walked toward Mount Bane.

It was James who had removed his human mask

Just as he arrived in the vicinity of Mount Bane, a man appeared. “James.”

A voice came.

James looked at the man and said listlessly, “Lord Omniscient…”

The Omniscient Deity said, “You can’t go. You’ll lose your life.”

James smiled bitterly and said, “What choice do I have? They have my wife and my daughter.”

The Omniscient Deity thought about it and said, “There are still a few days left. Don’t act recklessly. I’ll go and find my master.”

James looked at him.

The Omniscient Deity continued, “My master is the Telepathic Master of Mount Springcastle.”

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