The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2197

Chapter 2197

James had long heard of the Telepathic Master of Mount Springcastle. Back when the

Omniscient Deity brought him to the Chamber of Scriptures, he could recall him talking to the custodian.

James looked at him and asked, “Where is Mount Springcastle? Can your master stand against the Divinity Sect of the Ancient Realm?”

The Omniscient Deity shook his head slightly and said, “In the beginning, I had no idea where Mount Springcastle was located or who my master was. It was only recently that I found out that Mount Springcastle is located in a Sealed Realm, and the cultivators of Mount Springcastle are the ancestors of the humans on Earth. Besides, some envoys from Mount Springcastle appeared and contacted me, saying that I can request help if I encounter any trouble.”

Hearing this, James hurriedly said, “Alright, then. I’ll wait for you here. Hurry up and go.”

The Omniscient Deity nodded. “The envoy gave me a treasure that allows me to travel to the Sealed Realm where Mount Springcastle is located. Don’t act recklessly until I return.”

“Alright, I got it.”

James had no choice but to rely on the Omniscient Deity’s master.

Then, the Omniscient Deity turned to leave.

James, on the other hand, did not enter Mount Bane but instead remained on the outskirts.

Deep in contemplation, he did not believe the Omniscient Deity’s master to be reliable. Hence, he decided to look for the custodian.

Then, he turned to leave.

Soon, he arrived at Mount Tai, headed to the depths of the ravine, and entered the first floor of the Chamber of Scriptures.


He shouted.

Immediately, a white light glowed, and a woman wearing a white dress appeared before him. She looked at James calmly and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

James narrated the chain of events that unfolded.

“Ms. Custodian, you have to help me this time. The enemy is a sect of the most powerful Sealed Realm. How am I supposed to fight against them?”

The custodian was lost in contemplation.

After some time, she said, “James, I truly wish to resolve the matter for you. However, these are obstacles to your way of progress. You should deal with them yourself. Besides, my responsibility is to protect the Chamber of Scriptures. As such, I won’t intervene unless the situation absolutely demands my attention. I hope you can understand.”

Hearing this, James was dejected. “Do you really intend to stand on the sidelines?”

The custodian shook her head and said, “The world isn’t as simple as it seems. Many powerful figures currently have their eyes fixed on Earth. If I intervene, the consequences will be disastrous.”

Though she wanted to help James out, she was concerned she would cause trouble several times worse than the one he was currently experiencing.

Since the custodian was unwilling to intervene, James could only rely on the Telepathic Master of Mount Springcastle.

If that failed as well, he would fight to the death to protect his family.

Dejected, he turned to leave.

After he left, the custodian murmured, “James, these matters are insignificant in the grand. scheme of things. In the future, you will face greater ordeals than this. If you can’t even resolve such a simple matter, I’ll be very disappointed indeed.”

After his audience with the custodian, James returned to Mount Bane and waited patiently.

The Divinity Sect gave him a week. As long as the Omniscient Deity returned by then, Thea and Winnie would be safe.

Three days later, the Omniscient Deity appeared.

“How did it go?”

Upon seeing the Omniscient Deity, James hurriedly walked over to him.

Dejected, the Omniscient Deity said, “I went to Mount Springcastle in the Sealed Realms and met my master. However, he told me the event is unworthy of his attention.”


James froze.


At that moment, he was enraged. All these years, he had been working hard for the sake of humans on Earth. However, when he encountered trouble, no one came to his aid.

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