The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2198

Chapter 2198

He knew that the cultivators of Mount Springcastle could help him defuse the crisis. Yet, they remained in the comfort of their homes and simply watched from the sidelines.

“Calm down, James. Let’s think of something else.”

“How am I supposed to calm down when my family is in danger?!’

James roared.

Then, he marched toward Mount Bane with angry steps.

If anything happened to his family, he would make the Divinity Sect pay a hefty price.

“James, don’t act rashly!”

The Omniscient Deity shouted.

However, James ignored him and headed in the direction of the Divinity Sect.

Soon, he arrived at his destination.

At the foot of the mountain, there were many disciples of the Divinity Sect. They all wore ancient robes and wielded swords.

“Who’s there?”

Upon his appearance, James’ path was blocked.

James glared at them. However, even though he was enraged, he suppressed his fury and said, “James Caden.”

Hearing that, the disciples roared in laughter.

“You’re finally here, James Caden.”

“Out of hiding, I see.”

“Men, tie him up!”

A guard ordered.

Then, a few guards walked over to James and struck his acupuncture points. After sealing away his cultivation base, they tied him up with a rope and escorted him up the mountain with a sword pressed against his neck.

Concerned about his family’s safety, James did not resist. Before coming here, he was prepared to lay down his life for them.

Soon, he was brought to the main hall of the sect.

In the lead was an elderly man, and there were many others near him. Each of them exuded a powerful aura.

Upon seeing James, Yuvaan’s face darkened as he said, “James, as a descendant of sinners, not only did you not repent, but you even cultivate the Demonic Arts. Do you admit to your sins?”

James lifted his head and glanced at him, saying coldly, “Cut the cr*p. Since I’m here, do whatever you wish to do. However, please let my family go free.”

Yuvaan said, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm the innocent.”

“Men, release them.”


A few disciples left.

Soon, they returned with James’ family.


Upon seeing James being tied up, Thea rushed over to him.

“Stop where you are!”

Before she could reach James, the disciples brandished their swords and blocked her path.

James turned and looked at Thea, Winnie, and the Callahans, and took a deep breath. Then, he said, “Thea, leave Mount Bane with Winnie. Take good care of her.”

“Darling, what about you?”

Thea was anxious.

Wearing a composed expression on his face, James said, “If I perish here, don’t avenge me. However, remember this hatred. Find a secluded place and cultivate…”

James seemed to be saying his last words.

Yuvaan paid no heed to this. To him, the earthlings were insignificant creatures unworthy of his attention. He was only after James’ Sacrilegious Ascension. As for the rest, he could not care less.

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