The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2057

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2057

You’re So Useless

Cheryl bent down and looked at Chance with a serious face.Her voice was gentle and soft.

“Chance, I’ll see you next time…”

Chance raised his eyes and waved his hand.He had basic politeness.

Cheryl turned around and left happily.

Yasmin held Chance’s hand gently and smiled gracefully.

“young Master, shall we go home?”

Enter title…

She carefully took Chance’s schoolbag and took his hand, leading him into the car.

The driver saw that Yasmin was so thoughtful and considerate and felt happy for Chance.

Chance sat obediently in the car without saying a word.He looked sideways and saw his good friend Levi through the window.He also saw a familiar woman.

It was the woman who rescued him from the fire that day.

In an instant, Chance stuck his face to the window with excitement and stared at them.It was too bad that he could not speak.

Chance watched that beautiful woman as she hugged and kissed Levi.

Levi dodged helplessly, and the two of them ran outside playing.She looked so down-to-earth.

Chance remembered that Levi had talked about his very beautiful aunt who loved to kiss children.

Was that her? Chance looked at them enviously.

Yasmin, who was next to Chance, followed his line of sight and saw Nicole as well.

In an instant, her face turned stiff and gloomy.

She calmed her emotions, put her hand on Chance’s head, and said softly,

“What are you looking at? Young Master, I will be taking care of you from now on.You can talk to me about anything.”

The driver in front coughed and reminded Yasmin.

“Yasmin, you might not be aware of this.Our young master has a speech ability,

but he can write, so don’t mention this again.”

Yasmin nodded in shock and patted Chance’s head with pity.

“Young Master Chance is really pitiful to have a disability at such a young age.I’ll definitely live up to Mr.Ferguson’s expectations and take good care of Young Master Chance!”

The driver heard this, clicked his tongue, and shook his head.

“Anyway, since we’re working together in the future, I’ll tell you the truth.Mr.Ferguson never liked our young master who had a fuzzy

background.The only reason Mr.Ferguson agreed to raise him was that he didn’t lack money.If you take good care of our young master, he’ll naturally be thankful to you when he grows up.But don’t put your hopes on Mr.Ferguson because Mr.Ferguson despises the fact that he has a son out of wedlock.Mr.Ferguson hasn’t visited him so far.He doesn’t care about our young master usually doesn’t ask about him.”

The air in the car gradually turned stagnant.

The driver sighed.

Chance lowered his eyes to conceal the disappointment and discomfort in his heart.He heard such words countless times.

Everyone thought Chance was also deaf since he had a speech disability, so they spoke recklessly.

However, Chance was not deaf.

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His ears were still working perfectly! Yasmin’s eyes flickered slightly.

She gritted her teeth.

“Hasn’t Mr.Ferguson been married twice? Isn’t this child from his ex-wife?”

The driver chuckled and was interested to gossip.

“Mr.Ferguson’s marriage has long since been dissolved.No one is allowed to mention it.It would’ve been better if our young master was an orphan.If his mother turned out to be Mr.Ferguson’s ex- wife, Mr.Ferguson would hate him even more.”

The driver chattered on and did not notice Yasmin’s change in expression.

The second half of the drive was silent.The driver felt that something was wrong.He gossiped with Yasmin because she felt that girls her age liked to listen to gossip.

Gossiping would also bring their relationship closer.

However, the driver suddenly realized that he said too much.He instantly stopped speaking.

When they arrived at the apartment lobby, the driver went over to open the door for Chance.

“Young Master, have a good rest…”

Chance got out of the car and ran inside.

Yasmin got out of the car, thanked the driver, and quickly chased after Chance.

“Young Master, it’s still early.Do you want to come out and play for a while?”

The driver saw how attentive Yasmin was and thought that Chance had finally found someone who could take care of him.

When he got into the car again, Mitchell called.

The driver hurriedly picked it up.


Mitchell paused and asked, “Wallace, how is the new full-time nanny doing?”

The driver, Wallace, was stunned and said with a smile, “She’s doing well! She’s patient and loving toward the young master, just like a teacher.The young master doesn’t reject her at all.She was just thinking of taking the young master out to play for a while.She does her duty well.”


Mitchell hung up the phone.

The driver sighed.

Of course, he did not dare to tell Mitchell that he shared Eric’s gossip with Yasmin.

Otherwise, he would be fired.

Chance ran inside.

The apartment was empty with no one there.He kept standing there, a little confused.

Yasmin went over slowly and said softly, “Young Master, it’s just the two of us living here.Your room is upstairs, so you can pick any room you like.”

Chance blinked and did not say a word before he ran upstairs.

Yasmin sat on the sofa downstairs, slowly poured herself a glass of water, and said in a voice loud enough for Chance to hear, “How useless! Your father doesn’t even like you.”

Chance paused in his footsteps.His expression dimmed instantly as if he was hurt.He also looked downstairs in horror.

However, in the next second, Yasmin smiled and looked at him meaningfully.

“Young Master, you’re not allowed to play in secret.Daddy will only care about you if you study hard.”

Yasmin smiled gently, but Chance felt a chill from her.

Chance pursed his lips, lowered his head, and walked into a spacious room.

Soon after, the sky turned dark.

Yasmin came in with a towel and said with a smile, “Young Master, shall I give you a bath?”

Chance’s body froze slightly.He looked back at her nervously.

After midnight, Eric’s phone was ringing incessantly.He picked it up irritably.

“Mitchell, it’d better be an emergency.It’s 1:00 am!”

Mitchell paused.

“My apologies, Mr.Ferguson.The young master suddenly has a fever.Perhaps he hasn’t adapted to staying in the apartment.He’s been sent to the hospital.”

Eric was silent for a few seconds.

“Alright.That’s good.”

“Do you want to take a look?” Mitchell asked tentatively.

Eric said, “‘Doesn’t he have a nanny?”

Mitchell was helpless and cautiously said, “Mr.Ferguson, you’re his father after all.If something goes wrong…”

Eric was annoyed and said with a cold attitude, “Fine.I’ll come over shortly.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Mitchell hung up the phone, his heart shuddered.

At least nothing happened.

Mitchell looked at Yasmin, who was standing and shivering at the door of the emergency room with a worried face.He frowned slightly.He did not expect that Chance would land up in a hospital the first day that Yasmin took care of him.His impression of Yasmin was great.

However, he still walked over when she saw that she was crying anxiously.

“That’s enough, Yasmin.Mr.Ferguson will be here in a while.”

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