The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2059

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2059

Force Her to Jump

After Nicole hung up the phone, she still could not digest the news.Nicole had seen Tina a few hours ago.

Tina even bragged that she was about to be freed from a failed marriage.

How did she die so suddenly? Nicole immediately felt a chill all over her body.

The soles of her feet felt cold.

Clayton carried Nicole to the sofa and patted her on the shoulder gently.

“I’m sorry.I should’ve gone up with you last night.”

Something must have happened last night, but Nicole was too tired at the time to notice.

Clayton touched her face.

“It’s okay.I know you didn’t do it.Everything will be fine as long as you explain what happened clearly.I’ll take care of the rest for you.”

Nicole’s expression suddenly changed.She tugged on his clothes.

“This isn’t right.Is it related to our house’s intruder from before? Tina knows me.Is that person targeting me?”

It was hard for Nicole not to doubt herself.Why was she involved in this?

Clayton kissed the back of her hand.He patiently calmed her down.

“Baby, don’t think too much.It’s just a coincidence.It has nothing to do with you.Tina wanted to get a divorce.It’s possible that her husband did it because of the property.Don’t scare yourself.”

Clayton’s voice was extremely low and gentle.Nicole slowly relaxed.She took a deep breath.

“I’m not scared.I just feel sad because I saw her last night!”

“I know, I understand.”

Just as they were talking, Nicole’s phone rang.It was Logan’s call.

Nicole paused, then picked up.

Logan was very calm when he spoke.

“President, I’ve asked the lawyers of Stanton Corporation to go to the police station.Don’t worry, you don’t need to show up personally.”

Nicole responded and hung up the phone.

Clayton chuckled.

“Logan is quite attentive, huh? He can handle both the company and your private affairs!”

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief and praised Logan.

“Of course! It took a lot of effort for Big Brother to give Logan to me.He’s very competent!”

Nicole changed the topic and diverted Clayton’s attention.

Clayton smiled.

“Okay.Why don’t you take a rest? Since the lawyer went over, you don’t need to be so nervous.You didn’t do it anyway.”

Nicole was silent for a few seconds before she said blankly, “I need to explain the situation clearly.After all, catching the murderer is also beneficial to us.”

She had an intuition that the murderer was connected to the person who broke into their house last time.However, they had no leads.She frowned took a deep breath.

“I’m going to get dressed and head to the police station.Are you going fishing with my dad?”

“Are you kidding? How can I be in the mood to go fishing now? I’ll go with you.”

Clayton stood up and went to the dressing room to change his clothes.

Nicole smiled and said nothing.She felt better with Clayton next to her at such a time.

At the police station, they were not surprised to see Zach sitting there with a pale face.

Nicole did not know if Zach was truly sad or if he was just pretending, but he did not look to be in a good mental state.

With his back to Nicole, Zach cried to the policeman in front of him.His face was stained with snot and tears.

“My wife had a wrongful death.How could she jump off the building by herself?

Someone must’ve forced her to do so! Who was the last person who saw her?

Oh, Nicole Stanton?! You can’t cover up this matter just because of her background.My wife can’t die in vain!”

Nicole was slightly shocked.She frowned and looked over.

The police officer saw them, stood up, and walked over with a smile.

“Mr.Sloan, Ms.Stanton, you’re here…”

In the next second, Zach’s crying stopped abruptly.

Zach wiped his tears and turned his head to look at them, pretending to be unintentional.His lips were still trembling.

“M-Ms.Stanton, why did you force my wife to jump off the building?”

When he said this, he did not even dare to look up at Nicole.

Nicole’s eyes were cold as he took a deep look at Zach.

Clayton, who was behind her, hugged her shoulders and walked in.He whispered, “The lawyer is inside.Don’t say a word before you meet the lawyer.”

Nicole lowered her eyes and walked in.

The police would not detain people for no reason during this stage of investigation.

Nicole sat there calmly and glanced at the lawyer.

The lawyer nodded at her with a smile.

Nicole took a deep breath and looked at the policeman in front of her calmly.

Clayton sat on the side.

Although he did not participate in the investigation, he exuded such a cold and intimidating vibe that made him impossible to ignore.

“Ms.Stanton, why did you go to the hospital at 1:15 am last night to look for Tina?”

Nicole took out a document that had not been notarized.

“Tina asked me to go.Her husband had an extramarital affair and transferred out their property.She noticed that she was losing her property, so she transferred half of the property under her name to meat half the price based on the asset appraisal of the previous year.She has evidence of her husband’s affair.In fact,

it’s her right to keep all their property, but that will make Zach go into debt, so she left him a way out.”

The police took the document and specially looked at the signature.

“We need to compare the handwriting carefully.”

“Of course.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows.

Tina died before she got the document notarized, so Nicole did not know if the document would still take effect with just a signature.

However, that should not be the concern now.

Officer Zolo, who was opposite them, asked, “Why did you go there in the middle of the night?”

“Tina called me in the middle of the night and said that Zach seemed to know about her investigation on their property.”

Nicole calmly told the police officer everything she knew.

The police officer was nice enough to let them go.

Zach was still crying until he was out of breath.

Nicole glanced at him with contempt and left.

Zach was even expecting an illegitimate child, so why was he pretending to be sad here? Nicole went out of the police station, got into the car, and rubbed her forehead.She felt a little out of place.

In the past, Nicole always had the opportunity to deal with the dangers she encountered.

But this time, someone close to her was dead.

This feeling was indescribable.

Clayton sighed and held her hand.

“Alright, don’t be afraid.Let’s go home if you’re tired.”

Nicole was dumbfounded and shook her head.She looked at the driver.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

Clayton frowned.

Nicole paused.

“The surveillance footage that day showed that I wasn’t the only one who entered the ward.Why did Tina suddenly lose her mind after I left? Someone must’ve gone in after I left.”

Clayton was silent for a moment.

Seeing that Nicole was emotionally stable, Clayton nodded in agreement.

“Did you notice anything unusual at that time? Or did you meet someone you shouldn’t have met?”

Nicole thought, ‘Met someone that I shouldn’t have met?’ She was slightly shocked.

“Eric Ferguson?”

Clayton’s eyes darkened in an instant.


“I was so tired at the time that I didn’t take it to heart.When I went downstairs, I met Eric who happened to be coming out of the elevator.But he doesn’t know Tina…”

Nicole frowned.She could not believe that Eric would kill Tina.

That was not necessary.

Even if Eric had a grudge against Tina, Eric would not be stupid enough to do it himself.Clayton’s dark eyes stared into space for a moment.

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