The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2060

 Strange and Normal

Clayton forced a smile in response to Nicole’s question.

“It’s hard to say!”

It was meaningful.

At the hospital, the other floors besides the affected areas were open as usual.

After all, the hospital was not an ordinary public area.

Even if someone died, they could not delay other life-saving operations.

Nicole walked in with a heavy heart.She felt pity for Tina.

Enter title…

Although Tina brought it upon herself, Nicole still felt that Tina was a pitiful


Nicole could not blame a pitiful, hopeless woman for being useless.

The closer she got to the floor, the weirder she felt.Clayton contacted the

hospital’s director in advance.

The dean had just come from the police station with a heavy heart as well.

“Mr.Sloan, Ms.Stanton, what are you doing here? I believe in Ms.Stanton’s

innocence.Have you made it clear to the police?”

Nicole smiled and nodded.

“Director, do you have the surveillance footage for this floor?”

The director replied, “The police took one copy, and I have a copy with me.”

He would not have taken it out if it was anyone else.

Since they were all acquaintances, and Nicole was the party involved, it was no

harm to show them.

Nicole and Clayton looked at each other and went straight to the director’s


The director found the surveillance footage.

Nicole sat there and watched carefully.

The footage began when Tina was admitted to the hospital.

Tina was admitted to the hospital around 5:00 pm.She was not sick, but to

dispel people’s doubts, she was given a glucose injection.Then, Tina started to

discuss with the lawyer how to protect herself after the transfer of property.

It looked boring.

Nicole was getting irritable and was about to fast forward the footage when

Clayton stopped her from behind.


Nicole paused.

“There’s nothing here.Shouldn’t we focus on seeing who went in after I left the


Clayton squinted his eyes and stared at a figure on the screen.

“Is this Mitchell Crawford from Ferguson Corporation?”

The director of the hospital leaned closer nodded seriously.

“Yes.I remember that Mitchell contacted me.Eric Ferguson’s son suddenly had a

fever, and Mitchell sent him over.He was waiting outside at the time.”

Clayton frowned.He looked serious.

“Was Mitchell the only one there at that time?”

The director stood there and pondered.

“I think he brought a driver and a nanny with him.”

“You think?” Clayton asked in a deep voice.

The director knew that he had made a blunder and quickly said, “I didn’t pay

much attention to it at the time and only talked to Mitchell.”

He paused.

“I’ll get someone to ask around.”

Clayton nodded.

The director immediately called the doctor who was on call last night.

Nicole frowned.

“Why are you asking about this? Mitchell is also a senior executive.Why would

he kill someone? Wouldn’t that be digging his own grave?”

Clayton smiled comfortingly.

“I’m just not letting go of any anomalies.Mitchell probably wouldn’t, but who

could guarantee that others wouldn’t? What’s more, why was it all such a


Nicole nodded.

Clayton touched her face and comforted her with a smile.

“If I’d known earlier, I would’ve taken you abroad.It’s so troublesome to stay


Nicole said, “No.Let’s settle the matter at hand.I don’t want to leave being

viewed as a potential suspect.”

“My wife is such an upright and strong person!”

Nicole smiled and did not take this unintentional compliment to heart.

Clayton laughed from his chest.It eased Nicole’s anxiousness in an instant.

The two continued to watch the surveillance footage.

Several doctors walked in one after another and even brought takeout for Tina.

Then, there was a long silence until Nicole went in.

During this period, only Mitchell and the doctors were seen in the footage.

Nicole only stayed for a few minutes and came out in less than five minutes.

Through the elevator’s footage, Clayton saw how Nicole and Eric met.

Clayton’s face darkened slightly for a moment.His eyes flickered, and he

chuckled lightly.

“Mr.Ferguson loves his son very much.He still came over at such a late

hour.What a great father-son relationship!”

Nicole nodded.

“After all, that’s his son.Although it hasn’t been made public, it’s no longer a

secret in the circle.”

Clayton went further out of topic.

“You saved his son last time.Does his son look like him?”

“Somewhat, but…They have very different personalities.That child seems a little

timid.Eric and Angie aren’t timid people, but this child is very easily frightened.”

Nicole frowned and shook her head, feeling sympathetic.

Clayton smiled.

“Didn’t you see the news lately? Two genius parents gave birth to a mediocre

child.It’s not surprising for their child to have a different personality.”

“Right.Luckily, Chatty is really brave.She’s not scared of anything, so we don’t

need to worry about her being bullied in the future!”

Clayton raised his eyebrows.

That was true.As they talked, the surveillance footage continued playing.

After Nicole left, no one entered Tina’s ward again.Then, they heard someone

calling for help as Tina jumped off the building.

The whole floor was in chaos afterward.

At that time, it was already too late.

Nicole’s originally relaxed expression gradually turned serious.No one went in

after her, which meant that she was the last one who went in to see Tina.

This also meant that she was the biggest suspect.

Clayton’s face was cold, and his eyes darkened a little.He touched Nicole’s hair.

“She might have jumped off the building by herself.There might be a reason why

she suddenly felt depressed.”

Nicole said, “If she was depressed, why did she sell her fixed assets to me?”

Their relationship was not so good to that point.

As they spoke, the director found the doctor and brought him over.

The doctor was apprehensive.

Early in the morning, almost all those who had gone to Tina’s ward were

questioned by the police.

The director asked, “Who else besides Mr.Crawford came when Young Master

Ferguson was sent over?”

“The driver sent the boy over.Mr.Ferguson came for a while and left.Oh,

right.Mr.Crawford brought his girlfriend.She was very beautiful.She left as soon

as Mr.Crawford left.”

That was why the doctor did not think that the woman had anything to do with

the Ferguson family.

Nicole knew that Mitchell had a girlfriend, so she was not surprised.

However, Clayton turned his head sideways and looked over.His voice was


“In other words, when Mitchell left, no one stayed to take care of the boy?”

The doctor frowned and shook his head.

“At that time, our staff reminded them that the child’s fever was subsiding, so

the child shouldn’t be disturbed.I didn’t see anyone with the child after that.”

Upon hearing this, the director felt that something was wrong and clicked his


It would be fine if it was an ordinary patient, but how could Eric Ferguson’s son

be treated like this without anyone to care for him? However, it was

understandable since Eric did not care about Chance.

Clayton kept frowning.His eyes darkened, as if he was thinking about


The director asked vigilantly, “Mr.Sloan, is Mr.Ferguson involved in this matter?”

If Eric was involved, then his hospital would face even more trouble.

Clayton smiled faintly.

“Just leave it to the police.”

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