The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2061

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2061

You Have to Be Sensible

The director was stunned for a moment and had some doubts.

Clayton explained.

“This spells trouble for the hospital.If word gets out that a patient jumped off the

hospital building, what will happen to the hospital’s credibility?”

He did not continue the rest, but the director understood in an instant.

If Eric came forward, this matter would be resolved faster.He just had some


Enter title…

With Clayton’s and Nicole’s background and influence, it would not be difficult to

cover up this matter.

Why did they want to involve Eric into this? The director could not figure it out,

so he stopped thinking about it.

Since Clayton pointed him in a direction, the director had no choice but to do as


Clayton and Nicole stood up.

Nicole pursed her lips.

“What did the police conclude on their investigation at the crime scene? Were

there any signs of struggle?”

The director paused and nodded.

Nicole’s heart sank slightly.She understood in an instant.

It was no wonder the police dared to investigate the cause of death with such

fanfare, rather than simply concluding the case as a suicide.

If there were signs of struggle, it meant that Tina resisted before her death.

This was murder.

The two of them declined the director’s offer to send them off and left silently,

holding hands.

The floor where Tina’s accident happened was sealed off.

The patients were moved to the floor below.

There were a lot of people in the hospital, and there were more people in the


The elevator stopped just in time for someone to enter while they were inside.

Clayton helplessly protected Nicole in his arms, but those old people squeezed

inside the crowded elevator anyway.

Just like that, Nicole and Clayton were pushed out of the elevator.

Nicole took a deep breath.

Clayton laughed and moved his arm.

“I didn’t expect those old people to be so energetic.”

Nicole sighed.

“They’re used to squeezing into public transport!”

Clayton would not get into that elevator again.

“Why don’t we take the stairs?”

Nicole also agreed.

The two of them were walking toward the entrance of the stairway when Nicole

suddenly felt something soft GAam%AjIL cool touching her hand.

Nicole was startled and turned back immediately.She froze in place.

“Hey, it’s you…”

It was Chance, Eric’s son.

Clayton looked over.His eyes darkened slightly.He frowned and looked at

Chance in displeasure.

Chance raised his head.His tender face was morbidly pale, and he looked very


However, his eyes were crystal clear and tinted with a hint of joy because of

Nicole’s presence.

Chance pursed his lips and smiled at Nicole.He recognized her as the beautiful

woman who rescued him from the fire.

Chance called out for a long time, but no one saved him.

There were others who went over that day, but only this woman in front of him

went to save him.

Chance was the son that Eric disliked, so everyone coaxed him superficially, but

they secretly did not like him.

That was because Eric would not reward anyone for taking good care of

Chance, so why bother? This was what Chance overheard from the servants in

the Ferguson Villa.

Chance thought he was going to die in the fire, but this woman saved him.

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief and looked at him with a smile.

“Chance, where’s your family? Why did you run out here? I heard that you’re


Although Nicole did not like Eric, the child in front of her was really pitiful.

No matter how rude she was, she could not treat a sick child coldly.

Clayton stood there, narrowed his eyes, and pulled Nicole back.Her hand was

separated from the child’s.

The child blinked in disappointment and looked hurt.

Clayton hooked his lips and looked at Nicole attentively.

“Why don’t we get the doctor to check on him?”

Nicole nodded.

“Yeah, it’s dangerous for a child to run out alone!”

Chance stared at her blankly for a few seconds.He could feel that the man

beside this beautiful woman did not like him.

Although Chance was still a child, he could keenly sense other people’s attitude

toward him.He reached out to pull Nicole’s hand again, cautiously.

The man’s face darkened.

Nicole did not shrug Chance’s hand off and held his hand.She looked at

Clayton, who was next to her.

“Go and get a doctor.”

The corner of Clayton’s mouth twitched.He glanced at Nicole and left.

Chance carefully smiled and could not conceal his joy.

He initially had a dedicated nurse to take care of him, but the nurse was too

busy and was called away.

Chance pointed to his room, indicating that his room was over there.

Nicole immediately understood.

“I’ll take him back to the ward.You can get the doctor.”

She was dragged away by Chance before Clayton agreed.

Clayton snorted and stared at the child with cold eyes.

Chance was just as annoying as his father.

However, Clayton was not threatened by the child.He turned around and went to

the nurse’s station.

Nicole sent Chance back to his room.

This ward was very luxurious, but there was no one inside.

Chance could not climb onto such a high bed and swung his little legs.

Nicole kindly carried him up.

Chance took out his pen and paper from under the pillow and quickly wrote in

crooked handwriting.

“auntie, I like you.Will you be my mother?”

Chance raised his hands and looked at her eagerly with a hint of hope.He could

feel that the woman in front of him was genuinely nice to him and had no other


How great would it be if only he could choose his mother? How great would it be

if this person in front of him was his mother? Nicole carefully read what he


She was surprised that Chance could write so many words at such a young


At the same time, she was anxious because Chatty was so far behind.

However, seeing the child’s pitiful appearance, she sorted out her emotions and

said with a smile, “No, you have your own parents who treat you well.Children

can’t exchange their parents!”

Nicole smiled and pinched his little cheek.

“But thanks for liking me.You’re much more likable than your father.”

Nicole meant this from the bottom of her heart.

Of course, Chance was also more likable than his mother.However, it was not

appropriate to talk badly about his parents in front of him.Thus, Nicole only said

the first half of her sentence.

Chance lowered his head in disappointment and knelt on the bed aggrievedly,

looking as if he was about to cry.

Nicole panicked for a while.

When Chatty cried, it was mostly a fake cry, and Clayton could coax her easily.

Nicole did not know what to do with other people’s children.She patted the bed.

“You need more rest when you’re sick.Lie down.”

Chance blinked and wrote on the paper.

“Can you stay?”

Nicole paused and sat on the side.

“Okay, go to sleep.I won’t leave for the time being.”

Chance smiled, very obediently pulled the quilt aside, and lay down.

Nicole tucked him under the quilt and asked, “How did you get sick?”

The smile on Chance’s face disappeared.

Instead, he looked flustered.He closed his eyes immediately.

Yasmin’s gentle voice echoed in his mind, “Chance, your father will only notice

you when you’re sick, so you must be sensible!”

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