The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2062

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2062

What He Should Not Say

Chance’s expectations of his father were no longer as high as they were in the

beginning.He gradually accepted that his father did not like him.

Eric cared more about Uncle Mitchell and did not care about him.

Uncle Mitchell said that there was a reason for it and that he would understand

when he grew up.

However, could he survive until then? Nicole sat there for less than two minutes

before Clayton brought the doctor over.She stood up and was about to walk

away when Chance opened his eyes, took her hand, and looked at her pitifully.

Enter title…

Nicole suddenly felt a little soft-hearted.

In the next second, Clayton walked over with a smile, took Chance’s hand away

from Nicole, held his hand, and sat in Nicole’s seat.He said with a smile, “Do

you need to be coaxed to sleep? I’m more experienced in taking care of

children.Let me!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and nodded immediately.

“Right, go ahead!”

She completely believed in Clayton’s ability.

Clayton could even control the little devil Chatty, so he should have no problems

with other children.

Chance timidly wanted to withdraw his hand, but Clayton did not give him the


Clayton squeezed Chance’s hand slightly in his palm and looked at the child

lying on the bed with a specious smile.He could easily see through this child’s

little thoughts.

“Go to sleep.I’ll wait until you fall asleep before I leave.If you can’t sleep, I will

never leave!”

Chance gave up struggling, looked at Nicole aggrievedly, and closed his eyes


At the time, Nicole was talking to the doctor.

Seeing that Chance was about to sleep, Nicole followed the doctor out.

Clayton smiled and was very satisfied.

Nicole asked, “Is there no one watching him?”

The doctor paused.

“His nanny called and said that she’ll come in a while.It’s our negligence.We’ll

leave a nurse here to take care of him.”

Nicole nodded.

“Children get sick easily.He’s so pitiful.”

The doctor said, “Young Master Ferguson caught a cold.It seemed like he took

a cold shower.His fever came all of a sudden almost gave him brain damage!”

Nicole could not help but frown.This kid was very sensible.He would not be so


In a few minutes, Clayton came out of the ward.

Nicole raised her eyebrows.

“He’s asleep?”

Clayton nodded.

Nicole was surprised.

“He fell asleep so soon?”

Clayton nodded solemnly and opened a gap in the door for her to peek inside.

Nicole looked over and saw Chance lying there.He was indeed asleep and

breathing calmly with his eyes closed.

She smiled, breathed a sigh of relief, and gave Clayton a thumbs up.


He was indeed very experienced.

Clayton smiled impolitely.

“Let’s go?”

Nicole nodded.

Clayton greeted the doctor and left with Nicole.He did not choose the stairs this

time and took the elevator instead.

Nicole was puzzled, so Clayton smiled and explained, “The elevator is faster.”

At least he would not meet the people he did not like again.

Clayton’s eyes flickered and darkened slightly.

Chance’s little schemes still could not compare to Michael’s.

That troublemaker Michael still had to go to school obediently.

When the two of them just arrived at the entrance and were about to get into the

car, they noticed a figure brushing past them.

Nicole saw someone who looked familiar.

The other party also saw Nicole.

The two were stunned for a second.

Nicole smiled and waved at the person.

“Yasmin? Why did you come to the hospital?”

Yasmin paused, walked forward with a gentle smile, glanced at Clayton, and

said politely, “I came to visit a friend.He’s sick.”

Nicole frowned.


“No, no.It’s my other friend.”

Seeing that Yasmin did not want to say more and that the sick person was not

Nathaniel, Nicole did not pursue the question.

Yasmin glanced at Clayton, who was next to Nicole, and smiled.

“I’ll head upstairs then.Goodbye!”

Nicole nodded and waved.


She turned her head to look at Clayton and complained.

“It’s not like you’ve never met her.Why didn’t you say hello?”

Clayton paused and said with a smile, “She’s a woman.How can I say hello to

other women without your consent?”

This was a perfect reason, and Nicole suddenly felt a lot more comfortable.She

looked at him with a smile and pinched his face.

“Mir.Sloan, why are you so tactful?”

Clayton smiled slightly and looked at her dotingly.

“It’s because you trained me well.”

Just as Nicole was about to say something, Clayton suddenly felt that

something was wrong.He saw her unadorned earlobe on one side and frowned


“You only have one earring left.Did you drop the other earring somewhere?”

Nicole touched her ears.

Sure enough, her right earlobe felt empty.She frowned slightly and glanced


“Forget it.It’s not very valuable anyway, so it’s not worth our time to look for it.I’ll

just buy an identical one.”

Clayton nodded.

When the two of them got into the car, they received a call from Floyd.

“Chatty went to preschool.You guys need to pick her up because I twisted my


Nicole was shocked and worried.

“I wasted your back? I’ll go over to see you now.”

Floyd sighed.

“I’m much better now.Don’t worry about me.You need to accompany

Chatty.Hurry up and go over.”


Nicole hung up the phone.

Clayton asked her with concern, “Is it serious? Should I get a doctor to go and

check it out?”

Nicole nodded.

“Yeah, that’ll be good.My dad is really careless.I don’t want him to leave it


Clayton turned his head and contacted a specialist.

Yasmin watched them leave and came out of the shadows.Her beautiful and

gentle eyes were filled with coldness.She had just received a call from Mitchell

saying that Eric would visit Chance in a while.

Yasmin waited downstairs for a while and felt that it was almost time before she

went to Chance’s ward.

Chance was not truly asleep.He just faked it so that Clayton would leave quickly.

Chance felt that Nicole’s hand was warm when she held him, but Clayton’s hand

felt cold, just like the other woman’s.

Yasmin took out a hat and mask from her bag, walked out of the stairway, and

went into Chance’s ward.

Chance was still holding the earring in his hand.

The beautiful woman had accidentally dropped it on his bed earlier.He thought

that the beautiful woman would definitely come back.

In that case, he would be able to see her again.

When he heard the sound of high heels, he excitedly opened his eyes and

looked toward the door.

As a result, Yasmin appeared as soon as the door was opened.

The smile on Chance’s little face disappeared.His eyes flickered with

nervousness as he clenched the earring in his palm tightly.

Yasmin looked around the room, walked inside, sat down, and looked at him


“Your father is coming to visit you in a while.You’d better not mention anything

that you shouldn’t say.Got it?”

Her voice was as gentle as always, but Chance was terrified.Chance glanced at

her timidly.

His face was taut as he nodded in silence.

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