The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2063

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2063

Be Together Forever

The corner of Yasmin’s mouth twitched as she leaned forward slightly.Her eyes

suddenly became gentle as she reached out to touch Chance’s fair and tender

little face.

However, she did not have much emotion.

“Chance, Mommy is doing this for your own good.Didn’t you always want our

little family of three to be together forever? As long as you help Mommy and

Daddy stay together, we can be reunited.”

Chance lay stiffly on the bed and tried his best to close his eyes, pretending to

be asleep.He pretended not to hear Yasmin’s horrifying words.

Enter title…

Yasmin did not get mad either.She gently touched Chance’s small fist.

In the next second, Chance shuddered out of panic, and the thing in his hand

fell out.

Yasmin’s eyes flickered slightly.She picked up the earring, and her eyes

gradually turned cold.

If she remembered correctly, Nicole had the same earring on one of her ears

just now.Her eyes gradually darkened as she looked at Chance’s face.

Chance opened his eyes, looking very nervous.He looked at the earring but did

not dare to take it back from Yasmin.

Yasmin could not even maintain the tenderness on her face.She stared at him

with such deadly cold eyes.

“Have you seen Nicole? Why is her earring with you? Is she still in contact with

your father?”

Chance closed his mouth tightly, unable to say a word.His eyes were fearful.

Yasmin’s patience was exhausted, so she stood up abruptly.

“Speak! You could cry and scream at birth, so why are you pretending to be


Chance pursed his lips, and tears began to well up in his eyes.

Yasmin suddenly threw the earring in her hand on his body and gritted her


“You little ingrate!”

The air in the room was terribly cold.

Suddenly, the sound of high heels approached the room.

Someone knocked on the door.

Yasmin’s face instantly turned gentle as if she put on a mask.

She stretched out her hand and pressed Chance on the bed, making him lie


Then, she “thoughtfully” covered him with a quilt.

In the next second, the door was pushed open.

Ingrid brought Cheryl into the ward EFm&_jLN said with a smile, “Chance, I

heard that you were sick, so I came to see you.Are you feeling better?”

She paused and frowned when she saw a stranger in the room.

Ingrid looked at Yasmin with hostility.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

Yasmin smiled gently and moved aside.

“My name is Yasmin.Mr.Ferguson hired me to take care of the young master.”

Ingrid frowned.

“Why didn’t I hear about it?”

Cheryl, who was next to Ingrid, stepped forward, looked at Yasmin, and said to

Ingrid, “I met her at the entrance of Chance’s school before.She’s the new fulltime nanny.”

Ingrid nodded with understanding and glanced at her with disdain.

“The nanny dressed so sloppily.She looks quite young, so she’s most likely a


Ingrid walked over, pushed Yasmin away, and rudely commanded, “Go

away.Don’t stay here and disturb us!”

Yasmin’s eyes darkened, but she did not show a hint of anger.She stepped

aside and went to the other side of the room to clean up.

Cheryl stood there.Her eyes flickered with a meaningful thought, and she

quickly withdrew her gaze.

Ingrid took Cheryl’s hand and comforted her.

“Don’t feel threatened by that nanny.You’re from a rich family, so you don’t need

to worry about a lowly nanny.I’ll tell my brother to fire her and hire an old and

ugly nanny instead!”

Cheryl’s eyes flickered, and she quickly said, “I don’t mean that.It doesn’t matter

as long as she can take good care of Chance.”

Ingrid looked at Cheryl with satisfaction.

“I know you’re a kind and sensible person.Don’t worry, I will definitely help you

become my sister-in-law.”

After Ingrid said that, she did not notice that Yasmin, who was wiping the table

on the side, looked over at them with gloomy eyes.

Ingrid did not notice it at all.

Cheryl shyly bowed her head and smiled, “Don’t say that, there’s nothing

between us…”

“My brother didn’t have any weaknesses before, but he does now.Our previous

plan was wrong, so we should change our angle.As long as you treat Chance

well, my brother will definitely notice you.The Ferguson family is lacking a

matron who can keep the house in order.”

Ingrid smiled and looked at Cheryl.

“You’re the most suitable candidate for that with your high level of education and

good personality.You also don’t mind that my brother has a son from his

previous marriage.Most importantly, you’re both from the same social circle.Who

else in the circle is more suitable than you?”

Cheryl lowered her head and blushed.

“Don’t say that.You know that I only like Chance.”

Ingrid smiled meaningfully and looked away.She knew that what Cheryl said

was superficial, but she did not mind.

Ingrid went over and touched Chance’s face.

“Chance, wake up!”

Chance blinked, opened his eyes, and looked at them in confusion.

Ingrid smiled.

“Look, this is Aunt Cheryl.Do you want her to be your mother in the future?”

Chance subconsciously looked at Yasmin.

Yasmin turned her back to them so that she would not lose control of her


From the back, she was just focused on cleaning up.

Ingrid shrugged her shoulders.

“Did you hear what I said? When your dad comes later, tell him that you like

Aunt Cheryl very much.Got it?”

Chance stared at them blankly and did not understand their intentions.He just

blinked his eyes.

Cheryl walked over and smiled gently.

“Chance, you can call me Auntie Cheryl.I like you very much, so I’ll come to see

you often in the future.”

Cheryl reached out to touch Chance’s head, but he subconsciously avoided her


While Cheryl was stunned, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Eric and the doctor came in.

Seeing so many people inside, Eric looked glum.

Eric looked at the doctor and said in a cold tone, “Is this what you mean by

undisturbed rest?”

The doctor felt embarrassed.He told Ingrid before, but Ingrid was Eric’s sister,

so he did not dare to stop her.

Ingrid was not at all afraid and said coldly, “Do I need their approval to visit my

nephew? What, can’t I visit your son since I lost mine?”

Eric stared at Ingrid with a cold and glum expression.

Ingrid did not become passive or depressed after her miscarriage.

Instead, she became even more unreasonable and deviant than before.

She did not leave Mediania according to Eric’s arrangement and insisted on

staying here even though she could no longer mingle with the high society

ladies in the circle.

However, she did not want to leave and found a way to come back after she

was sent away.

One day, she met Cheryl.

Cheryl only became richer after Gerard made his fortune.

The Lichman family was not considered an affluent family, so the people in the

circle did not hang out with Cheryl.

Cheryl thought that she was different from those trust fund babies since she was

educated, so she did not bother to suck up to them.

Cheryl, who was not accepted by the gentry circle, met Ingrid.

The two got along because of their commonality.

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