The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2064

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2064

Who Are You?

In fact, Cheryl and Ingrid met at Old Master Ferguson’s funeral.

Cheryl followed Gerard to the Ferguson Villa.

Since Quinn could not make it back to Atlanta, the matron of the house was not

there to welcome them.

Thus, the servants settled them down at the side hall.

However, Cheryl could not sit still.

Cheryl saw Ingrid dressed in black clothes, sneakily following Mitchell to the

back building.She was astonished.

Enter title…

After Mitchell left, Ingrid went upstairs and locked the room.

Cheryl only realized what happened when Ingrid lit the curtains, sofa, and other

flammable items on fire.She came to a realization that Ingrid wanted to trap

Eric’s son ina fire.

Cheryl saw hatred, pleasure, indifference, and forbearance in Ingrid’s eyes.She

did not understand why Ingrid would hate a child so much.

The fire burned for a long time before it reached the second floor.

Suddenly, there was an urgent rapping coming from the second floor.

Chance was calling for help.

Ingrid laughed happily.Cheryl saw someone rushing over through the window.

That person who rushed over was Nicole.

For some reason, Cheryl rushed in and brought Ingrid out.

That was why Nicole did not see anyone when she got there.

Ingrid had escaped.

Afterward, Ingrid asked Cheryl what she wanted as a token of gratitude.

Cheryl said, “I want to marry Eric Ferguson.”

She was very blunt and straightforward.

Since she had something on Ingrid, she was not afraid that Ingrid would laugh

at her wishful thinking.

Ingrid looked at her for a long time before nodding with a smile.

“So many women flock to Eric, but you’re the most suitable one.”

Ingrid evaluated her.

After that, Ingrid asked Cheryl before she left the funeral.

“If you had time to save me, why didn’t you stop me?”

Cheryl only smiled and did not answer.

Eric was so perfect, and his only regret was having this illegitimate child.

Cheryl was not a saint, nor was she stupid.

Who would want to be a stepmother? Wouldn’t it be better if Ingrid could get rid

of Eric’s son? Unfortunately, their plan failed.

Eric’s face was glum as he stared at Ingrid.

They looked like they did not get along at all.It was as if they were on the verge

of fighting.

Their attitude toward each other was downright cold.

Seeing this, Cheryl smiled said, “Don’t misunderstand,

Mr.Ferguson.Ms.Ferguson came here because she cares about Chance.After

all, she’s Chance’s aunt, so how could she not worry? Ms.Ferguson and I were

together just now, so we stopped by.”

There were not many opportunities for Cheryl to meet Eric.

Thus, Cheryl wanted to establish a gentle and kind image in front of Eric.

Eric looked at her coldly and frowned deeply.

“Who are you?”

Cheryl’s face froze for a moment, but she quickly recovered.

“Mr.Ferguson, you might not remember me, but we were together at the auction

that day.I’m Gerard Lichman’s sister, Cheryl.”

Before she could finish speaking, Eric stared at Ingrid impatiently.

“You’d better leave as soon as possible.I don’t care what your motives are, but

you’d better stop thinking about it.Otherwise, don’t blame me for being


Ingrid sneered.She suddenly exploded as if Eric had hit a nerve in her.

“Otherwise? Haven’t you always been heartless? Who else do you care for

besides that b*tch Nicole Stanton? Do you care about anyone else?”

Eric’s eyes seemed to be quenched with ice.

They were terribly cold.

“This is a warning.If you dare to speak recklessly again, don’t blame me for

being rude!”

Ingrid gritted her teeth and held her head up.

“What, are you gonna kill me? You’ve already murdered my unborn child.I’m

your biological sister! Can’t you give me a way out?!”

The quarrel between the Ferguson siblings startled everyone present.

Cheryl did not expect Eric to hate Ingrid so much.If she got close to Ingrid,

would Eric also hate her? Usually, wealthy families would pamper the youngest

daughter, but the Ferguson family was not like the typical affluent families.

Cheryl began to secretly regret that she was on the wrong team.

However, if she offended Ingrid at this time, then she would have no chance to

get close to the Ferguson family in the future.

Just when Cheryl was deliberating to ease the situation, Yasmin, who had been

pretending to be invisible, stepped out.

Yasmin looked at Eric and said in a gentle voice, “Mr.Ferguson, please stop

arguing for the sake of the young master.He has just recovered.The doctor said

that he can be discharged from the hospital today.Why don’t you take the young

master back home with you?”

As soon as Yasmin said that, all eyes were on her.

Cheryl looked at Yasmin with a bit of annoyance and disgust on her face.

Cheryl noticed this nanny who appeared out of nowhere at Chance’s school

entrance long ago and knew that she must have ulterior motives.

Yasmin took care of Chance to get close to Eric.She was actually ahead of


Eric was very angry, but when he saw Chance, he frowned slightly.He did not

know if Chance was frightened by their quarrel.

Chance’s face was pale as he sat curled up on the bed, looking very helpless.

Tears streamed down the boy’s face, but he did not make a sound.

Eric suddenly recalled that his son had a speech disability.

In an instant, Eric had mixed emotions.

Eric suppressed the anger in his chest, looked at Yasmin, and said with a cold

tone, “Pack up and take him away.The driver will be waiting downstairs.”

Yasmin nodded gently and happily.

“Yes, Mr.Ferguson.”

Eric glanced at Ingrid disapprovingly, turned around, and left.He did not even

glance at Cheryl.

Cheryl gritted her teeth in disappointment.She looked extremely reluctant.She

had no choice but to suppress the surging emotions in her heart.She took a

deep look at Yasmin, who also looked at her.

Their eyes met in silent confrontation.

Chance scrambled to get off the bed, but the bed was too tall for his feet to

reach the ground.He looked at Ingrid, who was the closest to him.

However, Ingrid did not even look at him.She just turned around and left.

Cheryl noticed Chance’s struggle, forced a fake smile, stepped forward, and

reached out to help him.

At that moment, Yasmin, who was not far away, suddenly coughed.

Chance suddenly withdrew his hand, held the edge of the bed, and slowly slid

down by himself.

Cheryl noticed how much this child listened to Yasmin and alienated her.

Cheryl suddenly felt suffocated and uncomfortable, as if something had

smashed onto her chest.

Yasmin went forward and watched as Chance put on his shoes.She took

Chance’s hand and said with a smile, “Let’s go.Your father is still waiting for us


Yasmin looked at Cheryl and smiled meaningfully as if she was declaring war

and showing off.

Cheryl’s eyes darkened as she watched them leave.She stood there for a while

before she went out.

Ingrid was still standing not far away, swearing at the people downstairs.

Cheryl did not know why Ingrid hated them so much.!

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