The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2066

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2066

Her Background

Eric frowned.He could not stand seeing his son being so cowardly and timid.

However, he knew that he was not close to his son, so he could not bring

himself to lecture Chance.

Who knew how Angie brought him up in the first place? Eric suspected from the

beginning that Angie had an ulterior motive in placing Chance by his side.

Since Angie had bad intentions, Eric was not willing to waste his effort in

developing feelings for his son.

Thus, Eric did not care much about this kid.

Enter title…

Eric thought so, and the emotion in his eyes faded a little.

He stood up straight and looked at Yasmin.

“Take good care of the young master.If he gets sick again, you won’t be able to

keep this job.”

Yasmin could not even take care of a child, and Eric usually did not have much

patience for his employees.He would rather replace Yasmin with another nanny

that could do the job well.

Yasmin paused and immediately assured him.

“Mr.Ferguson, don’t worry.I’ll take good care of the young master so that he

won’t get sick again.”

It was common for children to get sick.

The reason why Eric did not want Chance to get sick was not that he was

worried about Chance, but because he did not want to waste his time and

energy checking on Chance.

Any business or project would be more valuable than visiting a patient in the


Eric raised his foot and was about to leave.

Yasmin caught up to Eric after he took a few steps out.

She suddenly said, “Mr.Ferguson, he didn’t get sick because of weak


Eric held his phone and looked back at her impatiently.

“What do you want to say?”

He did not have the patience to listen to her parenting tips.

Yasmin took a deep breath and looked up at him.

“He shouldn’t have gotten sick so suddenly.He just moved out of school into this

apartment, so it could be that he wasn’t used to the environment.But I think

there’s another reason for it.”

Eric looked at her silently with gloomy eyes.

Yasmin continues, “Perhaps he didn’t receive enough fatherly love, so he

wanted to attract your attention.Thus, he hurt himself to attract your care

EGq!_pIN attention.Mr.Ferguson, can you let him stay with you every day? He’ll

gradually get better if he can see you every day.”

Eric’s eyes changed slightly.He frowned.His face was dark.

Yasmin paused and said, “I also heard that the young master wasn’t born with a

speech disability.It might be a psychological disorder.If you let him stay by your

side, it’ll be good for his disability!”

Eric looked at Yasmin with a meaningful gaze.

His expression was grim as he stared at her for a few seconds.He smiled

playfully and asked, “Oh? Who did you hear this from?”

How could a newbie who had only been at work for two or three days hear so

much? Yasmin was stunned for a moment and said with a smile, “The young

master told me this secret.We’ve become good friends.As I said before, I’m

good with children.I brought up my relatives’ children.”

Eric looked at her coldly and warned her with an expressionless face.

“He’s not your relative’s child.Don’t pry into my private affairs.Don’t you know

how to be a nanny? Do I need to teach you how to do your job?” He said coldly.

Yasmin was stunned and immediately lowered her head apprehensively, looking

obedient and aggrieved.

“I’m sorry, Mr.Ferguson.I’ve overstepped my bounds.”

Eric glanced at her coldly, turned around, and left.

After getting in the car, Eric took out his phone and called Nathaniel.

The call was connected.

Before Eric opened his mouth, Nathaniel got to speak first.

“Second Uncle, did you take good care of Yasmin? You can’t let her get bullied!

She’s from a small city, so she’s not very tactful.You gotta take care of her on

my behalf!”

Eric frowned irritably.

“Do you know her background? Where is she from?”

“Of course, I know her.I like her! I will confess to her when I return from this

business trip.Don’t let it slip, and don’t break us up! ”

Nathaniel continued chattering, so Eric was annoyed and hung up the phone.

Eric knew that he should not make this call.He rubbed his temples and returned

to Ferguson Corporation.

When he got to his office, his assistant knocked on the door.

“Mr.Ferguson, someone wants to see you.It’s…”

“No “ Eric was in a bad mood.

The assistant coughed.

“It’s the police.”

Eric looked at him with deep eyes, and the assistant felt a creepy chill.

The assistant lowered his head and heard Eric’s unwavering voice, “Lead them

to the meeting room.”

“Yes, sir.”

Eric pursed his lips, sorted out his emotions, stood up, and walked out.

Before Eric reached the door, Mitchell hurried over.

Mitchell leaned over and whispered a few words to Eric, who looked at him with

a solemn expression.Mitchell pursed his lips.

“The police are probably here because of this matter.They want to understand

the situation better.”

Eric lowered his eyes and went straight to the meeting room without a word.

Soon after, Eric led the police out of the room and asked someone to send them


Eric stood there.His eyes were dim as he stared blankly ahead.

Mitchell walked over.


Eric glanced at him.

“It’s a routine inquiry…Have you done a background check on Yasmin?”

Mitchell was stunned.He immediately lowered his head in shame.

“No, I’m sorry.”

“you should at least have some simple information on her, right? Go to HR and

ask them to go through the procedure.” Mitchell pursed his lips.

“No, this is my negligence.I asked her before, but she said that she lost her ID

card and wanted me to pay her salary in cash.”

Eric looked at him coldly as a warning.

Mitchell lowered his head and felt a little apprehensive.

“Mir.Ferguson, is there a problem with her? I thought she was Young Master

Nathaniel’s girlfriend, so I didn’t doa detailed background check on her…”

Mitchell felt more anxious the more he spoke.

How could he allow a complete stranger of unknown origin to take care of

Chance? Mitchell suddenly panicked.

Eric pursed his lips.His face was grim.

“will you apologize if something really goes wrong?”

Mitchell was terrified and quickly said, “I’ll get someone to investigate and

suspend her immediately.”

“No need.The investigation is necessary, but suspending her will just make her

more vigilant.Let her stay for the time being.I want to know where she came

from.I’m guessing that Nathaniel doesn’t know either…”

After Eric finished speaking and went straight to his office.

Mitchell’s throat moved.His forehead was filled with sweat.He immediately

called the driver who was assigned to Chance.

“Hey, keep a close eye on the young master lately.You must stay close and take

good care of him!”

If Mitchell sent bodyguards hastily, it might arouse Yasmin’s vigilance.

Thus, he could not do anything.

Everything had to be the same as before.

Before the investigation of Tina’s death was made clear, the police had already

detained her husband, Zach Gilbert.

That was because Zach’s and Kirsi’s affair was suddenly exposed by the media.

#KirsiTheHomewrecker #KirsiPregnant

#LegalWifeFoundDeadKirsiProvokedHerManyTimes These hashtags suddenly

became trending topics.

In an instant, everyone knew about Kirsi’s affair.

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