The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2372

Chapter 2372 Thank-You Gift Selena thought that her messages were probably in the trash.

Eric was in a meeting when his phone beeped twice.

He was originally in a good mood because the performance of all departments exceeded expectations.

However, when he saw the text messages that Selena sent, he became infuriated.

[Thank you, Mr. Ferguson.]

He thought, ‘Is this Selena’s number? Heh. Did she send me the last message to mock me? She’s repaying my kindness with vengeance?’

Eric put down his phone with a gloomy face.

The temperature in the conference room dropped several degrees.

Eric’s mood changed so quickly that his subordinates started to tremble and did not know what to say.

In the afternoon, Nicole and Clayton took Julie to see the male model at the set.

Julie was so excited that she immediately changed her clothes and left Kai, who was still dying on the hospital bed.

Clayton thoughtfully hired a caregiver and asked her to take good care of his brother-in-law.

The caregiver thought that Clayton was the best brother-in-law one could ever have.

Kai had no choice but to swallow his grievances.

Kai was itching with anger, but he could not do anything.

However, Kai finally understood that no other man besides Clayton would be able to get close to Nicole.

Clayton seemed gentle and generous, but he was actually so petty and must get his revenge.

Kai felt bad for his sister and himself.

He also resented his heartless wife, Julie.

After a while, Nicole and Clayton sent Julie back to the hospital.

Julie waved her hand and watched the couple leave.

At night, Selena sat at the bar and mixed a glass of cocktail. She learned it by herself. When she tasted it, it was bitter and spicy, but the aftertaste was rich and sweet.

As soon as she swallowed it, she saw a man and a woman walking in one after another. Her eyes widened immediately.

When the scar-faced man glanced over, Selena instantly lowered her head and added ice cubes to her glass.

Soon, the couple went upstairs to a private room, led by a waiter.

Selena’s heart instantly tightened.

She still remembered Eric’s violent reaction to this incident.

Did he not confront his mother yet?

Right… It was just awkward to confront one’s mother about such a scandal no matter how one put it.

After some thought, Selena called Eric.

Eric rejected her call.

She called him again, but he rejected it again.

Thus, Selena sent him a text message.

[They’re here again.]

In less than a second, Eric called back.

Selena picked it up.

Eric’s voice was deep and cold with forbearance.

“Is it the same guy?”



Eric hung up the phone.

Selena had a feeling that the man on the phone was not as calm as he sounded.

She wrote down the private room number and felt uneasy.

This was her repayment to Eric.

She also knew that the surveillance footage in the bar would be deleted again.

Less than fifteen minutes passed before Eric came.

As soon as he came in, he attracted the eyes of many people.

Eric was handsome, noble, tall, and strong. He was wearing black trousers and a smoky-gray shirt. It was clear that he was not here to have fun.

He swept his gaze around coldly and settled on Selena.

Selena was wearing a smoky-gray dress that reached below the knees. It was not revealing as only her fair shoulders were exposed.

In this bar, Selena was dressed decently compared to the other women who wore skimpy dresses on the dance floor.

Selena gave off a familiar and comfortable vibe as she stood there.

Eric walked over and suppressed the sternness on his face.

Selena put down the wine glass in her hand and walked over.

“Where are they?”

“Upstairs. The second room on the right.”

Selena spoke in a low voice.

Eric lifted his foot and walked up the stairs.

Selena hesitated whether to follow. After all, this was the Ferguson family’s private matter.

The more she knew, the worse it was for her.

However, this was also her bar. She could not shirk responsibility if something happens.

After thinking about it, Selena followed him.

The waiter wanted to greet them, but Selena made a “shush” gesture.

“Go downstairs first, and don’t come up until I tell you to.”

The waiter nodded and said nothing.

Eric walked to the door of the private room. He slowed down his pace. His side profile was cold and resolute. His emotions were hidden in his eyes, and no emotion could be seen on his face.

However, the cold vibe he exuded made people shudder.

Selena was surprised that Eric did not go in.

She walked closer and heard moans coming from inside the room. Fully understanding what was going on inside, Selena blushed.

Eric’s eyes were dark. His throat moved slightly. His face was inexplicably glum, and his whole body was shrouded with gloom.

He bowed his head with a stern and cold face.

Just when Selena thought Eric was going to explode in anger, Eric turned around and walked downstairs.

Selena hurriedly followed him.

At this time, going in would make everyone more embarrassed, especially since that was his mother.

What was the point of him going inside at this time?

Could Eric stand on the moral high ground and criticize his mother by uncovering her scandal?

He would only be ridiculed even more.

In a wealthy family, everyone prospered or lost together.

Quinn was really going all out. She would rather have an affair with a strange man than care about the Ferguson family’s reputation.

Eric looked anxious and lonely.

He was proud and flashy, which attracted countless people to pursue and praise him.

In fact, Eric was not that happy up close.

Eric was sitting in an empty booth in the dark, like a beast lurking in the dark ready to devour everything at any time.

However, Selena could feel his depression, loneliness, and helplessness at this moment.

Someone as vigorous and resolute as Eric suddenly did not know what to do in the face of his mother’s scandal.

Selena turned around to get a bottle of wine, intending to give it to him.

When she turned back, she saw a slim and beautiful girl sitting next to Eric.

Selena shook her head and sighed.

She instantly felt sorry for that girl. Of all times, that girl picked the worst time. She was just courting death by approaching Eric.

Sure enough, a second later, the girl brought a glass of wine to Eric’s lips and looked at him with a coquettish smile to hint at him.

As a result, Eric took it over and poured the entire glass of wine on the girl’s head.

In the end, the girl screamed and fled in embarrassment.

The man laughed wildly and mockingly.

Seeing Selena’s complicated gaze, Eric stiffened.

Selena took the wine over and put it in front of him.

For a while, the hustle and bustle around them could not dissipate the awkwardness at this moment.

Eric drank the glass of wine in one gulp.

His throat moved slightly, and his eyes were red.

He looked cold and determined.

Selena pursed her lips and said in a low voice, “I got someone to turn off the surveillance cameras inside.”

Eric remained indifferent and quiet.

There was a dead silence.

Eric could gain leverage over this if it happened once.

But what if it happened repeatedly?

This probably would not be the last time either.

Eric felt that he was so close to snapping.

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