The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 2375

Chapter 2375 Retribution

Quinn covered her face with her hands as tears fell uncontrollably.

Eric was long gone.

He left his mother behind.

Eric resented her so much now probably because he must have had expectations for Quinn to be a good mother.

However, she did not live up to his expectations.

Back then, Quinn could have divorced Charles and left the toxic Ferguson family with her children, but she did not.

She did not have the ability to survive independently, and she did not want to lose the glory brought by the Ferguson family.

Thus, Charles was the one who left.

For so many years, Quinn was restrained by Old Master Ferguson. Once the old man died, Eric was the one who restrained her.

Quinn tried to fight back, but she could not.

Eric was more ruthless than Old Master Ferguson.

It was as if he was not her son.

Her adultery was exposed by her son, which made her feel ashamed.

That man’s bone was still on the ground.

Quinn felt sick and wanted to vomit. She could not take a second look at it.

She had cried enough, so she stumbled to her feet and walked upstairs.

It was self-evident why Eric brought her here.

Eric would not let her anywhere near his life again.

Quinn can use her identity as Mrs. Ferguson and fend for herself in this old Ferguson Villa.

Although no one lived in this villa for a long time, it was cleaned regularly.

It still looked familiar like the way it was when Quinn lived here for the past decades.

Eric returned to the car and calmed down after a while before he started the car and left.

He could not hide this matter from his father.

Thus, he told Charles about it after he went home.

Although Charles was disabled, his brain was still very active. Even when Charles fooled around, he would ensure that his philandering would not affect the interests of the Ferguson family.

Charles chuckled in a hoarse voice.

“How about this? If you think she’s troublesome, send her to me. I’ll watch her for you. Sleeping with another man isn’t a big deal, but it’s not good if word gets out as it’ll affect the company’s image. Ingrid is much more obedient here. She got a boyfriend, and they go on dates every day…”

Eric’s throat moved slightly. His eyes flickered, and he chuckled lightly.

‘That’s rare. At least she’s obedient now.”

“After going through so much, it’s about time she grows up. She was just spoiled by your mother. She was depressed for a while, but she got over it and plans to go out and find a job.”

Eric laughed lightly. Charles’ words soothed his fluctuating emotions just now.

“If she’s really better now, she doesn’t have to worry about finding a job. I’ll arrange it for her.”

“No need. Let her try it out herself. What’s the rush?”

Charles said a few words, but someone was talking beside him, so he hung up the phone hastily.

Eric’s complexion was much better than before.

Charles did not love Quinn. The two of them married for the sake of profit, and Charles had his own lover.

However, since Quinn gave birth to two children, Charles knew his responsibility.

Charles never allowed his mistresses to give birth to children that they should not have in the first place.

He gave Eric and Ingrid enough respect and love.

Charles could clearly distinguish indulgence and restraint.

Eric did not agree with Charles’ way of doing things, but he respected his father.

Selena could not think of a better way to thank Eric for his help but report to him about the person he liked, i

Every time Selena saw Nicole, she would take a picture of Nicole and send it to Eric.

[Ms. Stanton is so beautiful! I met her and her husband in the beauty salon just now.]

[Nicole came to the bar. I heard that she came over without telling her

husband. She’s so cute!]

[Nicole chatted with me for a while. We hit it off very well, but her husband picked her up soon after…]

[Nicole invited me to have dinner together, and her husband came to settle the bill in person!]

[I ran into Nicole and her husband when I went to the hospital today. It looks like Nicole has a stomach ache. I hope she’s okay…]

Selena sent Eric a text message every day, so much so that Eric thought to himself, ‘Did I ever offend Selena? Why is she taking revenge on me like this?’

Eric never replied to Selena’s messages, which meant that he was not interested in knowing about these things!

If Selena did not have something against the Ferguson family, Eric really wanted to teach her a lesson.

Who taught her to repay kindness with revenge?

Moreover, every message had the words “Nicole’s husband”. Selena was deliberately stabbing his heart and making him feel uncomfortable.

Eric took a deep breath.

In the end, Eric called the lawyer who was helping Selena with her lawsuit.

“Did her divorce not go well?”

Steven paused. He did not expect Eric to ask this question in person.

“It’s going well. She’ll get the divorce certificate in a week, and I’ll follow her in person.”


Eric hung up the phone.

Sure enough, Selena sent another text message to him.

[I saw Nicole’s daughter today. She’s so pretty and looks just like Nicole’s husband!]

Eric was fed up.

He was fuming with anger.

Eric went out with his keys.

Mitchell paused. “President, there’s a golf appointment in a while…”

“I’m not going. I’m going to the bar.”

Mitchell was taken aback.

He thought of Selena’s bar.

As Eric’s confidant, Mitchell was sensitive to Eric’s moods. Mitchell could not help but look at Selena with admiration.

Selena was pretty and had a good temperament. More importantly, her biggest advantage was that she somewhat resembled Nicole.

If Eric did not mind that Selena was divorced, she would most likely become Eric’s third wife.

After all, Selena had a special vibe that made her different from other rich young ladies.

She looked bright and elegant, which was very attractive to men.

As Mitchell thought about it, he began to adjust his attitude toward Selena. Mitchell wanted to help Eric on this front.

Derek was hospitalized, so he did not have the energy to harass Selena anymore.

Their divorce also went smoothly.

Thus, during this period of time, Selena had a peaceful life.

Selena sang and played the guitar on the stage. Her voice was clear and rich, and she put on sexy, smoky makeup. The song made the bar livelier.

Everyone yearned for this lady boss mainly because she was beautiful and mysterious. She also had a great voice.

The colorful lights in the bar flashed, lighting up the bar.

The music was melodious and high-pitched, and the whole bar was full of neon lights, making it more vibrant.

When Eric arrived at the bar, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the woman on the stage.

Selena sat there and sang softly. She looked like the snow on the Swiss mountains, fresh and precious, with a hint of loneliness.

She seemed to be used to this kind of loneliness.

Selena stood among the lively crowd, but she would never blend in with them.

Eric seemed to understand why Selena opened a bar after she came back.

That was because she liked the hustle and bustle of the world.

Thinking of the things that happened to her, Eric somehow felt uncomfortable and distressed, as if someone had pinched him.

Eric felt suffocated.

He did not continue to stand and went to the bar to order a glass of wine. He held the wine glass and sipped it slowly as he looked at the stage.

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