The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 102

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 102

Ian got ready within ten minutes, and the two headed to Old Town.

Sebastian never probed into where Sasha was living as he had always thought she was staying with her uncle. After all, that was what she told him.

It was not until today that he found out that Sasha actually lied to him and that she had found another place to stay.

This obviously did not set Sebastian in a good mood. Thus, he drove Ian to Old Town without saying a word. This neighborhood is simply too squalid and slummy. His nose wrinkled in disgust as he looked around.

Beside him, Ian’s reaction was totally different.

As the car drove nearer to Sasha’s place, Ian poked his head out of the window and looked around in expectation. He was looking for her, and Sebastian could tell from his actions that his son could not wait to see her. That little boy was scanning the area meticulously, trying to get a sign of his mother.

Sebastian eyed the eager kid from the corner of his eyes and pursed his lips. Too bad this is the last time she gets to see Ian. The car drove towards an apartment, but Sebastian could not find a place to park since a large crowd had gathered at the entrance. Right in the middle of the group was a little girl who was holding a stranger’s hand. The person was trying to calm her down.


The moment Ian spotted her, he asked Sebastian to stop the car. He then jumped off immediately and ran over, pushing his way through the crowd.

“Vivi!” he shouted with all his strength.

Vivian turned her head around, trying to locate the direction of the familiar voice. Her frightened gaze wandered around aimlessly.

Ian! Ian’s here!

The moment Vivian saw Ian, she let go of the man’s hand and darted toward Ian. She ran as she tried to hold back her tears welling up in her eyes. “Ian! You’re here!”

She planted herself right in his open arms.

Vivian was terrified after a whole night of anxious waiting. Sasha did not come home, and neither did her two brothers. This was the biggest fright of her life. When she finally saw a familiar face, she could not hold it in any longer.

Ian instantly realized the despair on her face and welcomed his sister into his embrace.

A frown of disdain settled on Sebastian’s brows as he looked at the little girl in Ian’s arms. Isn’t this the girl I saw at the hospital yesterday? She’s the illegitimate daughter of that woman.

“What’s the matter? Why are you here? Where’s your mother?”

Regardless of the aversion Sebastian felt towards the girl, he went closer and asked her what all this mess was about.

Beckoned by a stern and unfamiliar voice, Vivi looked up and hid behind Ian.

Both Sebastian and Ian suddenly became speechless.

After a while, Ian turned around and asked gently, “Vivi, what happened? Where is Matt?”

Vivi stole a timid look at Sebastian and then at her brother before finally talking again. “Matt came home after you left yesterday. When he heard that you’re gone, he went out to look for you, but he hasn’t been home ever since then. He went missing, and Mommy went looking for him… And now, Mommy is missing as well…”

Vivian finally lost it and broke down in tears, wailing away at the top of her voice.

Ian’s hands dropped from his sister’s shoulders in shock when he heard everything.

Meanwhile, Sebastian looked at his son’s reaction and the crying girl and was left confused. “Who went missing?” he asked again.

“Matt… The bad guys got him…” Vivian answered again.

“Who is Matt?” Sebastian inquired hastily.

“My brother… Could you help me find him?” Vivian wiped away her tears and blinked her imploring eyes at Sebastian, hoping to get help. Although she knew the man standing before her was her father, she thought it would be better not to call him so without Mommy’s permission.

Vivian’s request elicited an unexpected response from Sebastian. A mocking smile broke across his strikingly handsome face, making Vivian withdrew in fear.

“So, are you telling me that your mother has another child other than you?”

Vivian looked at him in silence.

Yeah… Mommy has two more kids… Ian and Matt. We’re all Mommy’s babies.

Looking at Sebastian’s expression, Ian decided to step in and begged him to help. “Daddy, please save Matteo before it’s too late.”

“Why should I save him? He’s not related to me,” Sebastian asked in return.

His tone was scornful and indignant.

Seriously, this woman never fails to surprise me. Not only has she an illegitimate daughter, but she also has another son. Hah! The last thing I would want to do is to associate myself with that disgusting woman!

Just as Sebastian was about to reject his son’s entreat, his phone rang.

“Sebastian Hayes, do you really want your kid to die? Fine! I’ll give you what you want!”

Over the phone, there was a series of ruffling noises before a deafening gunshot pierced through the noises. Almost concurrently, a desperate scream joined in the commotion. “No!” A woman’s raucous shout came right after the gunshot.

Sebastian’s mind went blank instantly.

Even he could feel the anguish of the woman from her scream.

Right then, Ian’s choking pleas shook Sebastian back to reality. The kid had heard the gunshot from the phone and broke down as he clung to Sebastian’s leg. “Daddy, I hate you! Why didn’t you save Mommy? Why didn’t you save Matteo?”

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